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Our goal is to tell you about the current trends in the fashion industry, to introduce you to the history of iconic brands, sneakers, designers and artists.

We are only at the beginning of our journey, but we already have something to say.

Who are we? is a site that reflects all aspects of society through the prism of fashion and style.

Who reads us?

Modern socially active people with a dynamic pace of life and broad interests. They like to store and appreciate famous brands, visit theater and movie premieres, social events, exhibitions, beauty salons, nightclubs, travel a lot and play sports. These are the most progressive residents of megacities – an independent, insightful and mobile audience for whom the Internet is the main source of information.

The main themes of the edition: Fashion, Beauty and Health, Music, Film, Poster of the events of the cultural life of megacities. FashionTime is a recognized expert in all areas of “fashionable” life – leisure, travel, club life, shopping, leisure, sports, wellness.

About the Project

Today we are a site that describes all aspects of life through the prism of fashion and style. Sections have appeared related to the beauty industry, fashion events and happenings, music and cinema, cars and travel, while each direction offers only those selections in its segment that can be positioned as trendy, that is, iconic in terms of lifestyle. is a content site and we are especially proud of its content. But in addition to original content, we offer a social network for modeling professionals, interactive sections with online consultations with professional stylists and makeup artists, as well as real live Street Style with the opportunity to vote for the most fashionable look of the month. The site also raffles off the latest news from fashion and beauty brands, studies at prestigious universities and trips to the best hotels in the world – our users can always get not theoretical information, but also practical benefits.

Since during the rebranding and existence in the new format we have significantly improved the quality of content and gathered among our readers interesting, active, thinking people interested in iconic phenomena in the field of fashion and lifestyle of people, the publication is actively developing interactive formats that require interaction with the audience. The special thing about today is that our audience responds very positively to every activity of the site, participating in surveys and contests, creative tasks and voting. That’s why there are so many opportunities on our site for the most unexpected brand integrations that allow you to communicate with readers in an unconventional way. Contests and special projects in different formats are one of the advantages of today. Moreover, classic media projects are also effective and have an undisputed image effect.

Our team consists not only of industry professionals, but also enthusiasts who love their work and are ready to provide all creative options, consider the most unexpected concepts and go further in editorial, design and technical support. We are ready to look for ways to solve the most seemingly impossible tasks, open to any positive experience, ready for dialogue and full of creative ambitions. We will never take on a project if we are not sure we will do it perfectly. Our advertiser or partner will never be the one who can damage the image of the publication or the one who does not get competent support through this cooperation. We always work only with relevant partners and create only mutually beneficial conditions.

Our experience, image features and interactive features are always at your service.