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What can you use instead of a bed skirt?

Bed skirt alternatives include fitted or flat sheets, curtains, box spring wraps, and rugs. These ideas serve the same function as bed skirts, hide a wooden or metallic bed frame, and create a modern look.

Do you always need a bed skirt?

A bed skirt complements or shares the color of your comforter or quilt to create a cohesive bed design. It lies between the mattress and box spring and cascades towards the floor. Without a bed skirt, your bedding may not cover any part of your less than attractive box spring and its unsightly legs.

Should your bed skirt match your sheets?

For a truly sophisticated look choose a bed skirt in a color that matches the color of the headboard, the curtains, or other bedding items in the bedroom, because matching colors will unify your room and will give it a harmonious feel.

Why do people have bed skirts?

The purpose of a bed skirt is to give a stylish appearance to a bed without exposing the sides of the box spring or any space under the bed that may be used for storage. Additionally, decorative bed boots may be used to cover legs and enhance decor when bed skirts do not reach the floor.

Should bedskirt touch the floor?

A bed skirt should touch the floor in order to conceal any items tucked under the bed, the bed frame, or simply the sides of the bed. Its primary purpose is to give the room a more cohesive and polished look while hiding any imperfections.

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