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Maui Jim Support Team Yes! Many of our styles can be produced with prescription lenses. However, since our prescription lenses are considered a medical device, they must be dispensed through a licensed optician’s office.

How much does it cost to put prescription lenses in Maui Jim sunglasses?

$75 USD

Lenses are $75 USD and are replaced as a pair. Frame charges vary by style. To confirm the charges for your style, contact our Customer Service Department toll free at 1-888-666-5602, our hours are Mon-Fri: 7am-9pm CST; Sat:7:30am-4pm CST and we will be happy to assist you.

Can you put prescription sunglass lenses in any frame?

Can Prescription Lenses be put in Any Frame? Nearly any type of corrective prescription can be turned into prescription sunglasses. There are a variety of options available, from progressive lenses to bifocals. Many regular sunglasses can be converted to prescription sunglasses, but not in all cases.

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Are Maui Jim lenses interchangeable?

These are my favorite pair of Maui Jim sunglasses yet! They are sleek, light weight, perfect for all outdoor activities (biking, hiking, volleyball, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc.), and the best part of all is the ability to interchange lenses!

Does Maui Jim make progressive lenses?

Maui Jim does manufacture progressive sunglasses with polarized lenses. However, all orders for prescription lenses must be processed through an authorized Maui Jim Rx retailer.

Where can I get new prescription lenses in my Maui Jims heap?

Since our prescription lenses are considered a medical decice, Maui Jim cannot assist with replacement prescription lenses directly. Prescription lenses must be handled through a licensed optician’s office. Please visit your eye care professional’s office for assistance.

What is special about Maui Jim sunglasses?

Maui Jim sunglasses allow you to see color in ways you have never seen before, thanks to their patented PolarizedPlus2 technology. Their unique formula of digital polarization enhances color in bright conditions, leaving you with a crisper and more vibrant visual world.

How do you replace Maui Jim sunglass lenses?

Quote from video on Youtube:So you're looking at the inside of the lens. Place one hand on top of the eye frame. And one hand on the bottom. While gripping the top push down and outward with your bottom thumb.

How long do Maui Jim sunglasses last?

2-5 years

Our Maui Jim replacement sunglass lenses are made from polyamide, which is flexible, lightweight, and super strong. What’s more, it possesses the high definition clarity of glass, but minus the heaviness and tendency to break very easily. We expect our lenses to last 2-5 years, or even longer, if taken care of.

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How do you adjust Maui Jim sunglasses?

Quote from video on Youtube:So what I recommend is is a little bit of hot water soak them in there for about 10 seconds or preferably if you've got a hairdryer on the highest heat setting the lowest airflow.

Do Maui Jim lenses scratch?

Part of the technology we use for all Maui Jim polarized lens materials includes a hard-shell coating that resists scratching. However, heavy abrasives rubbing against the lens surface can break through this coating and cause visible marks.

Are Maui Jims worth it?

The UV protection is the same whether polarized, or non-polarized. Ray-Ban and Maui Jim lenses both provide UV protection, and that is what counts. If you are looking for polarized, Maui Jim is your go-to. It’s one of the few sunglass brands where the entire line is polarized.

Do Maui Jims have a warranty?

Warranty. Maui Jim sunglasses are warranted to the original purchaser for two full years from the date of purchase against any defect in materials and workmanship when purchased from an authorized Maui Jim reseller. This warranty is void if original lenses or frames are altered.

Who owns Maui Jim?

Kering Eyewear

Kering Eyewear has signed an agreement to acquire Maui Jim, Inc. Founded in 1987, Maui Jim is the world’s largest independently owned high-end eyewear brand with a leading position in North America.

Where are Maui Jims made?

Maui Jim Support Team

All Maui Jim frames and lenses are manufactured in Italy or Japan.

Does Maui Jim have good customer service?

Today, Maui Jim is recognized for unparalleled “Aloha Spirit” and customer service as well as patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology, which blocks 100% of UV rays and eliminates glare while enhancing color, definition and depth perception.

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Does Maui Jim replace broken sunglasses?

Maui Jim will repair or replace, at our option, any pair of Maui Jim sunglasses found to be defective—exclusive of damage caused by improper or unreasonable use. This warranty does not apply to normal wear, including lens scratching or accidental breakage.