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Is Reformation a UK brand?

Reformation – a sustainable, affordable and A-list favourite brand from the US – is finally coming to the UK. The label launched today at Browns with a 27-piece collection that includes three styles created exclusively for the luxury department store.

Is there a Reformation in London?


Now they’re expanding their London empire with two new sites, one on King Street in Covent Garden and one next to Albion on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch.

What is a cheaper version of Reformation?

My two personal favorites are Abercrombie & Fitch for a cheaper alternative to Reformation as well as LoveShackFancy. Looking for more alternatives to your favorite brands? Check out this article about brands like Mejuri to spice up your jewelry selection.

Is the Reformation a good brand?

Overall Rating: Good

Reformation has been rated ‘Good’ based on information from our own research. For the most part, the brand is leading the way for ethical fashion with transparent sustainability practices.

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Does Reformation ever have sales?

Though you can find plenty of items under $200 year-round, Reformation is so popular it rarely does discounts. Luckily for all of us, its having a surprise sale with select items for 40% off for a limited time.

Why is Reformation so popular?

It’s hard to pinpoint to just one aspect of Reformation as the secret behind its success. The brand is successful because it created a paradigm shift in fashion by offering sustainability at scale. And it continues to thrive because of its one of a kind aesthetic and voice.

How long does Reformation take to ship to the UK?

However, we ship all international orders via express service so you will receive your order within 3-8 business days, and sometimes quicker!

Can you try on clothes at Reformation?

A look in the mirror at any Reformation can often feel like a necessary evil, especially as the holiday office-party season approaches. But the brand’s new high-tech sore on Bond street makes trying on body-con dress (and more) a seamless, even enjoyable experience, with touch-screens and and smart fitting rooms.

Is Reformation in Canada?

Toronto – Ontario, Canada | Reformation.

Are Reformation sale items final sale?

Please note that all apothecary, lingerie, hosiery, pierced jewelry, eyewear, vintage, and final sale items are final sale.

Does Reformation run true to size?

Sizing and fit: Customarily, the dresses fit true to size. Depending on the cut, I find myself getting different sizes as sometimes I want things to fit a little looser a little tighter.

Where is reformation shipped from?

Los Angeles warehouse

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Most of our orders are shipped within 2 business days of purchase from our sunny Los Angeles warehouse, pending availability and credit verification. Once your order is shipped, we estimate you will receive your order within 3-10 business days of its ship date , or 2-4 weeks if you are located in Hawaii or Alaska.

Can I wash my Reformation dress?

2. If I’m washing Reformation pieces at home, should I use hot or cold water? Washing garments in cold water not only saves energy but will leave your colours fresh and bright! Choose an eco-friendly detergent like The Honest Company, Kair, or Seventh Generation.

Who is Reformation owned by?

Yael Aflalo, Founder of Reformation, a California native and innovative entrepreneur who is leading the revolution of sustainable fashion through Reformation. Yael began her career as a designer before going on to launch her first clothing line, Ya-Ya, in 1999.

Is Reformation eco-friendly?

Reformation is committed to minimizing our environmental impact and achieving fair, safe and healthy working conditions throughout our supply chain. We seek to partner with suppliers who share a common vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency.

Is Reformation American made?

There are people behind the clothes we wear, and too often they work under terrible conditions. That’s why we built our own sustainable factory in Los Angeles, where we work with awesome people from all over the world.

Is Reformation fast fashion?

Redefining fast fashion

Reformation, which has now raised $37 million in funding and operates 16 stores, can bring a new item from conception to sales floor in four to six weeks. This is slower than Zara’s 10 to 15 days but faster than a traditional brand, which may take up to 18 months.

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