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poisonous swamp adder snakeby a poisonous swamp adder snake. The snake was trained by her stepfather, Dr. Roylott, who lived in the neighboring bedroom.

How did Julia die?

Short Answer: Julia dies after being bitten by her step-father’s venomous swamp adder. At the beginning of the story, Helen Stoner visits Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson and explains to them that she fears for her life.

How does Helen think Julia died?

Due to the lack of any signs of violence or marks of poison on her sister’s corpse, Helen was led to believe that Julia had died of pure fear and nervous shock, but she could not imagine as to what was it that had frightened Julia to death. Besides this, Helen also never forgot Julia’s dying words to her: “Oh, my God!

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When Helen Stoner’s sister died what were her final words?

Helen’s twin sister died almost two years earlier, shortly before she was to be married. Helen had heard her sister’s dying words, “The speckled band!” but could not decode their meaning.

Who is The speckled band final victim?

Dr. Roylott is the final victim in The Adventure of the Speckled Band. In a kind of poetic justice, he is killed by his own snake, the same snake he…

Does Julia Die 1984?

One tiny victory he reserves for his moment of death: The Party could not change his feelings and make him betray Julia in his heart. However, Winston’s resolve to continue loving Julia is burned away when he finally enters Room 101.

When and how did Julia Child Die?

Child died in August 2004 of kidney failure at her assisted-living home in Montecito, California, two days before her 92nd birthday.

What were Julia stoners last words?

Her final words—“It was the band! The speckled band!”—are what give the story both its title and its central mystery.

What is Dr. Roylott’s motive for the crimes?

Answer. Answer: The reason why Dr Roylott murdered Julia was the intention that he would gain money which shows his greediness and the extent he would go to to get what he wants. Also, when he meets Holmes he treats him with hostility and bends a “steel poker” into a curve and throws it into the fire.

What disturbed Julia in the middle of the night?

Roylott. Helen’s sister, Julia, died a fortnight prior to her wedding of an unknown cause. Two years after her sister’s death, Helen Stoner heard the low whistle that Julia had described to her. With her approaching wedding, this aroused a feeling of uneasiness inside of her.

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What was suspicious about Julia’s bedroom?

The fact that there was any work going on at all at the house was immediately suspicious: Some scaffolding had been erected against the end wall, and the stone-work had been broken into, but there were no signs of any workmen at the moment of our visit.

What does Sherlock Holmes discover about Dr. Roylott’s income?

What motive does Holmes discover as a reason Dr. Roylott is the prime suspect? Simply put, money: because of investments, his 1100 pounds is now worth only 750, and the girls marriages would have taken away 2/3 of his income.

Is the Indian swamp adder real?

Swamp adder may refer to: Proatheris superciliaris, a small viper found in East Africa. The fictional Indian venomous snake in Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”, in which the snake’s victim dies within 10 seconds.

How did Holmes know Helen was screening her stepfather?

How did Holmes know Helen was “screening” her stepfather? The bruises on Helen’s wrist.

What did Miss Stoner hear several nights before she died?

What did Julia Stoner hear the night before she died? The bed was nailed to the floor.

How old was Julia Stoner when died?

Julia Haire Stoner, 79, of Lexington, died Tuesday, January 18 at her daughter’s home after declining health.

What was Dr Roylotts evil plan to get rid of Julia and Helen?

The gypsy band living there as well is just a red herring. When the snake comes into their room, Holmes realizes how the doctor used the snake to kill Julia. It was only Holmes’s brute strength and fast deductive skills that saved them, as the snake came after them in the dark.

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How does Sherlock Holmes cause Dr. Roylott’s death?

Towards the end of “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dr. Roylott croaked after being bitten by his venomous pet snake. Sherlock Holmes was not responsible for Roylott’s death as he was hired to protect Helen Stoner.

What is the whistle in the Speckled Band?

Roylott had trained the snake to return when it heard a whistle. The metallic clang which Helen heard on the night that Julia died was the sound of Dr. Roylott hurriedly closing the door of the safe in which he kept the snake. The sound that Watson heard, which reminded him of a kettle, was the snake hissing.

What does Miss Stoner hear after scream?

She is certain that something bad is going to happen. And sure enough, in the middle of the night, she hears a woman screaming: it’s Julia! Miss Stoner throws open her door; as she does so, she hears the low whistle Julia described, followed by a metal clanging sound.

What two sounds does Miss Stoner hear on the night of Julia’s death?

What two sounds does Helen Stoner hear on the night of her sister Julia’s death? “Violence of temper approaching to mania has been hereditary in the men of the family,” Miss Stoner says of her stepfather’s family. Do you think Dr. Roylott gave evidence of having inherited this trait?