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Terms in this set (17) Women responded, joining men in speakeasies, increasing sexuality (shorter skirts, higher divorce rates, drinking, smoking, etc). Also, single women could live alone in apartments in cities and work for a living for the first time.

How did women’s role change during the 1920s?

The jobs that had the most significant increase for women were clerks, typists, operators, and manufacturing. As families began hiring fewer servants, these women took jobs in stores, offices, and factories.

How did the role of women change in the 1920’s quizlet?

During the 1920s, women were restricted to their home. Their duties included cleaning, caring for children, and meeting the needs of their husbands. In the late 1920s, women had finally been given the right to vote.

How did the role of women in society change from the late 1880’s of housewives to the 1920’s flappers?

Throughout the 1920’s, women fashion also changed. Women were given the nickname of “flappers” during the 1920’s. these “flappers” were much more bold and had more freedom in their clothes and manners. Women’s dresses were shorter and lighter due to rationing of materials.

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