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How do I change the string on my ego trimmer?

Quote from video on Youtube:Next cut 16 feet of cutting line and insert it in the mounting hole inside the load island. Make sure the line is straight and cleanly cut on the end push. The line through.

How do I get the line out of my ego trimmer?

Quote from video on Youtube:Then press the release tabs on the tool retainer. And pull it straight out excess line can now be removed.

How do you load an ego 56v trimmer?

Quote from video on Youtube:Just here just do one side at a time kind of push it down a little bit and then snap one side in.

How do you open an ego trimmer head?

Quote from video on Youtube:Video a few people that are having troubles getting these ego uh heads open okay they got the string stuck down in there and they need to get it open i show in my video how to do it but it's hard for

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Can you change the head on an EGO trimmer?

MODEL NUMBER AH1501 This Replacement Line Trimmer Head is exclusively compatible with EGO POWER+ Line Trimmer Attachment STA1500 & Brushcutter BC3800E & BC3802E. a loose cutting attachment. Replace a cracked, damaged or worn-out cutting head immediately, even if damaged is limited to superficial cracks.

Why does my trimmer string keep breaking?

The most frequent cause of a line breakage is through contact with something in the garden. Usually this is the result of the cutting head being taken too close to objects, e.g. garden stones, paving edges, walls etc.

How do I lengthen my trimmer line?

Quote from video on Youtube:Thread each end of the line through the eyelets on the trimmer head as you connect the spool and bump knob wind the bump knob based on the arrows shown on the reel. Apply pressure to wind it evenly.

What size line does EGO trimmer use?


The EGO 0.095″ twisted trimmer line is ideal for all of the EGO POWER+ 15″ String Trimmers.

How do you use an EGO trimmer?

Quote from video on Youtube:The ego 56-volt power plus 15-inch brushless string trimmer delivers the ultimate power and cut capacity an all-new brushless motor produces 5,500 rpms of cutting power clearing. Even the most

How does EGO rapid reload work?

Quote from video on Youtube:When we get that perfectly lined up then. This should thread straight through. And it does then we just pull it through so that it's even grab the two ends. And then twist it. And then it's reloaded.

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How do I change the line on my Husqvarna trimmer?

Quote from video on Youtube:And find the center point then make a loop that way up to even ends then take a new trimmer line and hook it into the slot in the spool. And continue to wind.

How do you replace bump feeder line feed?

Quote from video on Youtube:So what you want to do is take one of the lines. Fade it through that clicks in nicely. Do the same thing on the other. Side. Click it in now we can take our cover okay another thing to be careful.

How do you load strimmer wire?

Quote from video on Youtube:Like. This see put a little bend on the end of your stream line of this okay. And this can vary from shortest river. Which way the thing is fed which to the arrows time you just put it this way.

Can you use any trimmer line for EGO?

The EGO 0.095″ twisted trimmer line is ideal for all of the EGO POWER+ 15″ String Trimmers. The professional grade line is designed to take on the toughest jobs while providing a clean and level cut. Be set for the season with 160 feet of professional grade line at hand.

Is Thicker trimmer line better?

Thicker lines need more powerful engines that spin fast enough for the trimmer lines to cut through grass and weeds. High-voltage (56 volts or 120-volt corded electric) and heavy-duty gas trimmers (more than 35 cc) can capably handle lines with thicker diameters.

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What happens if you use the wrong size trimmer line?

String Trimmer Line Thickness

This probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but the general rule with string trimmer line is that the tougher the application, the thicker the line needs to be. A larger diameter will increase the power and durability of the line, which leads to less breakage and wear-out.

Are string trimmer lines interchangeable?

Really, compatibility will be determined by the kind of trimmer head being used. So if your trimmer has a head other than its original, you’ll want to refer to what kinds of trimmer line the new head can accept.