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How do you put new line on a Black and Decker trimmer?

Quote from video on Youtube:The line should protrude approximately 5 inches from the housing align. The tabs on the spool cap with the slots in the housing. And push the cap back onto the housing until it snaps securely into.

How do you wind the line on a Black and Decker grass trimmer?

Quote from video on Youtube:Means you wind it in the direction of the arrow. It's very important that you wind the top side first which is the side that has the arrow printed on not the bottom of the spool.

How do you put trimmer line on?

Quote from video on Youtube:Thread each end of the line through the eyelets on the trimmer head as you connect the spool and bump knob wind the bump knob based on the arrows shown on the reel. Apply pressure to wind it evenly.

How do you install a Black and Decker automatic feed spool?

Quote from video on Youtube:Around the edges tape holds the line in place once in the packaging. Okay and it's going to be jammed up into a little hole there just kind of keep it in place just pull that out okay.

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How do you spool a wind Trimmer line?

Quote from video on Youtube:That's about nine feet for a guy my size. Then I duplicate it cuz I have to do two of these. So we just match them up. It's known the spool. We have an arrow. We have a start point. We put both