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Install wooden peak gussets with a horizontal bottom and sides angled to the slope of the rafters. Use rectangular plates to connect bottom chords and braces, making sure they cover the joint with enough overlap on each frame member to fasten it securely. Get metal gussets sized to the slope and shape of the truss.

How do you install a gusset plate?

Quote from video on Youtube:So once you slide them into place then I use the gussets just putting them over I think I've got one two three four five six nails in the top of each gusset on both sides.

Do gussets go on both sides of a truss?

Most trusses call for a few different shaped gussets. Repeat step one and two for each gusset shape you will be cutting. Remember that you will need two complete sets of gussets for each truss you build, as they have to be mounted to both sides of the rafter.

Can you hammer on truss plates?

Quote from video on Youtube:First you especially want to keep your fingers away from the path of a hammer this size.

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How do you fasten a plate?

Installation. Installing a mending plate is really easy to do. If the connection is new, simply place the pieces into their desired positions and connect them in the normal way (glue, nails, screws, etc.). Next, lay the mending plate in place and use a pencil to mark the screw holes.

Where do you put gussets?

Be sure to install gussets at every joint on a truss, at the peak where two rafters come together, at the sides where horizontal braces called chords connect with the rafters, and at any diagonal or vertical braces.

How do you attach a mending plate?

Quote from video on Youtube:You just can't press them into the wood without a hydraulic press or a really strong C clamp.

How do you install a truss connector plate?

Quote from video on Youtube:And what we did is we put the right amount of bolts and washers to space this at about just shy of an inch and a half so when we when we put this together.

How do you install a metal truss plate?

How to Install a Truss Plate

  1. Arrange the truss members on the ground. …
  2. Lay the plywood truss plates at the connection of each truss. …
  3. Hammer the truss plates into place with five 6 d nails on each connecting member.
  4. Repeat the procedure for all connections on one side of the truss.

How do you cut plywood for gussets?

Quote from video on Youtube:Here and again if you don't have marks on your sock beds just take a pencil and make a quick mark or even a piece of tape would do the trick. Ok then we're just going to make a cut with our sod.

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How do you connect truss pieces?

Quote from video on Youtube:Will slide a block over we'll nail that in place and then the next truss will just slide right up against those blocks that are pre-cut to come from the truss.

What is a gusset plate in construction?

Gussets, sometimes known as gusset plates, are metal sheets of various thicknesses used for either joining two or more components together or strengthening joints. These components include beams, girders, truss members, chords, and columns.

What are the metal plates on trusses called?

A truss connector plate, or gang plate, is a kind of tie. Truss plates are light gauge metal plates used to connect prefabricated light frame wood trusses. They are produced by punching light gauge galvanized steel to create teeth on one side.

Can you nail through a truss plate?

Trusses or rafters may be attached to walls with a minimum of three of any of the nails shown in the adjoining table as long as the uplift does not exceed 200 pounds. If you are using gun nails, you must use a minimum of a 16d gun nail. provided the nailing does not damage the metal plates.

How do you fit roof truss clips?

Quote from video on Youtube:Diagonal cross bracing should be fitted with gable ends diagonal bracing should be fitted tight to the underside of rafters. And fed between trusses bracing must be cut and well nailed into position.