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Make Use Of Fabric Softener Sheets On Your Wig For a quick fix solution to removing an unpleasant odour from your wig, place the hairpiece on a hanger and tear a laundry sheet over the hair. This will release the scented particles through the wig and doubles up as a nifty shine remover for synthetic hair.

How do you get the smell out of a wig without washing it?

Quote from video on Youtube:So one great way to mask any smell in your hair is buy some argan oil and it's alcohol free as well.

How do you get the smell out of human hair wigs?

Quote from video on Youtube:So please be advised that you want to wash. As often as you can and wash gently. And make sure that the things that you're using when you go to bed are not stinky.

How do you freshen synthetic hair?

Quote from video on Youtube:The water or the braids can get really really hot if you made your water hot enough. So I'm just gonna go ahead and squeeze out as much water as I can with the towel. Then.

How can I make my weave smell good?

Use salon-quality products rather than cheap products that contain detergents. Use spray-on conditioner between washings to keep the weave smelling fresh. Rinse and condition the hair after a workout if you sweat heavily. Apply witch hazel to your scalp to keep it conditioned and moisturized between washings.

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Why do human hair wigs smell?

For a similar reason to store your wig when it is dry, it is important to make sure your natural hair is totally dry before applying the wig, too. That is because a mass of wet or even damp natural hair gathered under a wig cap can produce that musty odor and even will attach itself to the base of your wig.