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Set your shoe on a table in front of you with the toe of the shoe pointing toward you. Use scissors to taper one end of the shoestring. Push the tapered end of the shoestring through the lacing needle. Twist the needle clockwise to secure the shoestring on the needle.Sep 28, 2017

How do you put laces on Sperry Topsiders?


  1. Make a loop, making sure the lace is coming across the front.
  2. Make a second loop with your other hand.
  3. Push the second loop through the first one, going in from the back.
  4. Pull to tighten.
  5. Repeat 2-3 more times.
  6. Tuck the end of the lace into the final loop at the end of each knot.

How do you remove laces from Sperrys?

Quote from video on Youtube:Just pull it to the sides. One thing that helped is if you kind of push the sides down a bit right here in this section just push those sides in a bit. And it kind of helped got it through a little.

How do you replace boat shoe laces?

Quote from video on Youtube:And just push it and wind it at the same time just like that and then you want to start on either side doesn't really matter but just remember which way you're going in and out.

How do you replace laces?

Quote from video on Youtube:And you're going to go under with the opposite side and thread it through pull it all the way up and do the same on the next side. And repeat you're going to keep doing that all the way.

How do you tie Sperry duck boots?

Quote from video on Youtube:But then once you get going kind of just use your left hand or your non-dominant hand to hold the loops into place. And work your way up. Towards the tip top of that loop.

How do you tie boot laces?

Quote from video on Youtube:So pull the laces through the lace loops. Crossing them over after every one again making sure they're tight. But not restrictive. So apply the same principle.

How do you curl Sperry laces?

Quote from video on Youtube:Around its Quist of the lace. Once you get up to the fifth wrap. Around just loop it into the keyhole. Once you got that down tighten it at the top.

How do you tie leather laces?

Quote from video on Youtube:So I brought one forward and one backwards. And put it right by this same hole. And then at the same time I'm gonna pull the backwards one forward and pull the one in the front backwards.

How do you lace moccasins?

Quote from video on Youtube:So the first thing you want to do is take out the lily suits from the moccasin holes. And you want to lease them. So that you put in the laces through each end of the hole like.

Can you cut Sperry laces?

Trim the laces.

Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut off the excess from the leather laces.

How do you tie loafer laces?

Quote from video on Youtube:Put the left loop behind the right loop fold the left loop over the right and start through the middle hole. While you're doing that fold the right loop over the back and through the middle.

How do you tie a surgeon’s shoe?

Quote from video on Youtube:But it's sort of starts from that so here goes start just like you would normally find the first half of your shoe tying knot. And when you make the loop.

How do you tie a fancy knot on a shoe?

Quote from video on Youtube:It around your finger. You want to rip it. Down. Here hold it down with your finger. Here then you want to take the lace. And wrap it around this lace here open your fingers. Stick.