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How to Wind the Spool on a Black & Decker GrassHog XP

  1. Turn off and unplug the trimmer.
  2. Press the tabs on the line hub cap and pull it off.
  3. Pull the spool off the trimmer and remove any excess line.
  4. Bend a piece of . …
  5. Place the spool back onto the spool housing and fit the line into the slots.

How do you change the string on a Black and Decker Grass Hog XP?

Quote from video on Youtube:And then begin to wrap the line you'll notice on the spool that there's an arrow that determines the direction you wrap the line in this case it's counterclockwise.

How do you wind the spool on a Black and Decker Grass Hog?

Quote from video on Youtube:Hold the string tightly to make sure it doesn't unravel during this step take the new spool and push it onto the boss on the housing rotate. The spool slightly. Until it is seated.

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How do you change a spool on a grass hog?

Quote from video on Youtube:Remove the new spool from the package. And remove the outer tape from the spool that holds the line in place. Find the end of the line and pull a few inches of line away from the spool.

How do you fill a Black and Decker trimmer line?

Quote from video on Youtube:Alright we need to remove the old string. And you want to make note of what direction it was wound seeing it's going off this direction so it was one this way also that arrow points in the direction

How do you replace the string on a Black and Decker edger?

Quote from video on Youtube:It a little bit and then locking it back down. It's important to wind both strings. And remember that both strings go in the same direction which. Means you wind it in the direction of the arrow.

How do you use automatic feed spool?

Quote from video on Youtube:Fine try to keep it somewhat tight. And what I do is I kind of roll out about 10 inches there 8 inches I put the string through. And then you kind of push it down my gears on the bottom.

How do you replace the spool lever on a Black and Decker trimmer?

Quote from video on Youtube:I simply line up the radius on the lever. With the same radius on the spool. And then press it into the hole on the top of the spool. Now reinstall the line spool. And the spool cap.

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How do you rewind a string trimmer spool?

Quote from video on Youtube:Thread each end of the line through the eyelets on the trimmer head as you connect the spool and bump knob wind the bump knob based on the arrows shown on the reel. Apply pressure to wind it evenly.

How do you put spool on a trimmer?

Quote from video on Youtube:They're a little harder to do especially if you do them one at a time. So here's a quick trip from Blair it mr. Hardware is we take some string trimmer. This unit is a plug in the model uses 65 line

How do you replace a lever assembly?

Quote from video on Youtube:I'll begin by removing the trimmer head cap. I just press the tabs in on the side of the trimmer head and the cap will pull. Now remove the spool. The lever is located just beneath the spool.

How does Black and Decker Auto line feed work?

The Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) is the technologically advanced line feed system found on Black & Decker string trimmer products. Using centrifugal force, the system monitors the amount of line being used and feeds more line automatically as the cutting line shortens.

How do you replace bump feeder line feed?

Quote from video on Youtube:So what you want to do is take one of the lines. Fade it through that clicks in nicely. Do the same thing on the other. Side. Click it in now we can take our cover okay another thing to be careful.

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How do I fix the auto feed trimmer?

Quote from video on Youtube:If the cap is damaged or worn it can malfunction causing wine not to advance to inspect the cap remove it and clean any debris. Replace. If necessary. Problem number three spools.

How do you replace the line on a yard machine trimmer?

Hold the inner reel from the Yard Machine weed eater so the two small holes on the bottom are easily accessible. Insert one free end of the doubled trimmer line into each of the two holes on the bottom of the reel. Pull the line through the holes until the U in the line is flush against the bottom of the inner reel.