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Can Otter Wax be used on leather?

Otter Wax Leather Oil is safe to use on all types and colors of leather because our products never contain synthetic dyes, chemicals, or petroleum. All you need is a bottle of our Leather Oil, a couple of lint-free cloths, and a small soft-bristle brush.

How do I care for my leather shoes?

Here are 6 steps to care for your leather shoes.

  1. Don’t wear your shoes every day. Leather needs to breathe, just like your skin. …
  2. Clean them after each wear. …
  3. Store leather shoes with a shoe tree in them. …
  4. Avoid inclement weather. …
  5. Polish them every 6 wears. …
  6. Store shoes in a dust bag when not in use.

Feb 19, 2020

How do you use otter wax on a couch?

Quote from video on Youtube:Use the soft brush for those hard to reach spots like seams and corners maintain an even finish by always treating the entire item.

How do you make leather shiny?


  1. Clean. Using the shoe brush, brush off any dust or dirt from the shoes. …
  2. Condition. When your leather shoes are clean, apply your leather conditioner with a soft cloth. …
  3. Polish. Now that your shoes are clean and conditioned, they’re ready for shoe polish. …
  4. Buff. Time to buff those leather shoes ’till they shine.

How do you use Otter Wax leather salve?

Leather Salve Conditioner

  1. apply to leather using a soft, lint-free cloth.
  2. allow leather to absorb Salve.
  3. wait until leather appears cloudy.
  4. buff leather with horsehair brush or flannel cloth.
  5. reapply as often as necessary.
  6. follow up with Boot Wax for additional protection.
  7. follow up with Leather Oil to shine.
  8. Product FAQ.