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If you soak your boots in a bucket of water for about five minutes, completely saturating the leather boots, then walk in them for half an hour the leather fibers will stretch. As the water dries, rub in a bit of leather conditioner like Cobbler’s Choice or Venetian Shoe Cream.

How do I make my boot shaft wider?

To give yourself more room in your boots, put them on with thick pair of socks (or two) and then blast the areas you would like to stretch out with a blow dryer on a high or medium setting for 20 to 30 seconds. Keep the boots on while they cool, then take them off and test out the fit with a normal pair of socks.

Can you widen the calf of a boot?

You can stretch the calf of your boots two ways: with an aluminum boot-calf stretcher, or with a leather-stretching spray. If you use the spray, you can either add shoe trees to your boots or just wear them until they’re at your desired level of comfort.

Can boot width be stretched?

A one-way boot stretcher is suited to expand the width of your boot … if you need to increase the length as well, then a two-way stretcher would work best,” Randy Brangman, a licensed physical and exercise therapist and shoe expert, told TODAY Style.

Can a boot shaft be altered?

It is definitely possible for us to alter the boot shafts to make the tops more narrow on your calves. This is one of the more in depth repairs we do so its best to let a professional alter your boots.

How can I stretch my boots wider?

Put your boots on with a pair or two of thick socks. Point a blow dryer about 6 inches away from your boots at the tightest parts of your shoe (usually the toe and heel area). Hold for about 30 seconds on each spot. Curl, bend and wiggle your toes during this process for better stretching.

How do you stretch rubber boots?

Take a blow dryer set to high-heat and hold it about 6–8 inches (15–20 cm) away from the surface of the boots. Keep the blow dryer constantly moving over the boots to heat up and loosen the rubber material so they stretch out. Keep heating the boots until they loosen up enough to feel comfortable.

How do you stretch wide calf boots?

How to use a calf stretcher

  1. Spray your boot with the leather stretching spray.
  2. Crank the handle and stretch the boot a bit. You don’t want to pop the stitching and destroy the boot.
  3. Leave it overnight and see how much the boot has stretched.
  4. Repeat the process over a few days, adding slightly more pressure to the boot.

How do I make my boot shaft thinner?

The first thing to do is remove any stitches using a boot knife or seam ripper. We will need to remove the top stitch to make the boots tighter around the calf.

How To Use Insoles To Make Shoes Fit Tighter

  1. Step 1: Add the insole. …
  2. Step 2: Tie your laces. …
  3. Step 3: Adjust your laces to fit snugly around your calf.

Can you stretch the shaft of leather boots?

Stretching leather takes some time, so start the process well before you’ll need to wear your boots. It won’t hurt the boots if you leave the stretchers in for longer than 12 hours. If you stretch the boots for just a few hours, the leather will most likely shrink back down to its original size.

How do you widen shoes that are too narrow?

7 ways to stretch out your shoes

  1. Wear them in the evening. If your shoes are just a little uncomfortable, try wearing them around the house. …
  2. Thick socks and a blow dryer. …
  3. Frozen zip-close bag. …
  4. The peeled potato trick. …
  5. Adjustable shoe trees. …
  6. Shoe stretch sprays and liquids. …
  7. Find a shoe repair professional.

How much does it cost to stretch boots?

If you need to stretch them a half-size or full size, you can opt to do it on your own with a shoe stretcher, or your cobbler can do it for you (more reliably) for about $15 to $25. If you want to stretch the calf size of your boots, expect to pay around $45.

Can you stretch boots a half size?

Stretching shoes lengthwise is also possible, but if you’re using DIY methods at home, I’d advise never trying to stretch them more than a half size up. What is this? Thankfully, most shoes can easily be stretched out to achieve some toe-wiggling room!

Can you add elastic to boots?

Basically I just let the leather spread apart and slipped the elastic between the outer leather and the leather lining. Sewing the first side of the elastic wasn’t too bad.

How do you make wide calf boots smaller?

Quote from video on Youtube:I would pin them down along my leg from the bottom to top or top to bottom doesn't matter by pinching the side of the boot. And then afterwards putting these paper clips on the shoe.

How do you narrow a cowboy boot shaft?

Use warm water to shrink the boots: Fill in a bucket of warm water and immerse your boots in it for an hour. Do the same with your pair of socks. Now wear the socks and the boots while still wet and let them dry on your feet by sitting in the sun. Your boots will shrink and the calf will become tighter anyway.

How do I make my cowboy boots wider?

Quote from video on Youtube:One. Product is the boot stretch. This is a product you spray inside the boot then you put the boot on walk around until the boot dries. It helps relax the leather.