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Adult stink bugs are a mottled grayish/brown color with patches of blue-metallic or copper on their heads. They have straight antennae and piercing, sucking mouthparts that they use for feeding. They have a unique triangular shaped plate on their backs, which is why these bugs are also referred to as “shield bugs.”

Do baby stink bugs look like?

Baby stink bugs look just like adult stink bugs, but smaller. These bugs come in a variety of sizes and colors. Adults range in size from three-eighths of an inch to over 1 inch long depending on the species.

Do baby stink bugs fly?

It has lighter bands on the antennae and darker bands on the wings. Adult stink bugs are good fliers and fold their wings on top of their body when they land. Nymphs do not have fully developed wings. The wings appear when the nymph becomes an adult.

Do stink bugs have babies?

Baby/young stink bugs, called nymphs, go through five instars before reaching adulthood. Eggs typically hatch after three to five days, with each instar taking about a week before culminating with the final molt to become an adult.

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