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Next plc

Formerly J Hepworth & Son (1864–1982)
Founded 1864 Leeds
Founder Joseph Hepworth
Headquarters Enderby, England, UK
Number of locations Circa 500 stores (2018)

How many Next shops are there in the UK?

NEXT Retail, a chain of around 510 stores in the UK and Eire. The majority of our stores sell clothing, footwear, accessories and/or home products; and we operate 37 large combined fashion and home stores. NEXT stores are an important part of our Online delivery service.

How many Next stores are there in Ireland?

It has around 700 stores, of which 550 are in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and around 200 are in continental Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Where is the biggest Next store in UK?

Fashion retailer Next has opened one of its largest stores to date in the UK at intu Metrocentre, Gateshead. Located in a building which formerly housed BHS, the new two storey store spans 78,000 square feet.

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Is Gap owned by Next?

As part of the joint venture, later this year Gap’s ecommerce business will be operated through Next’s Total Platform. Next owns 51% of the joint venture, while Gap owns 49%.

How many stores do next have 2021?

As of the financial year ended January 2021, there were 491 stores in operation, representing a decrease of 8 stores on previous year.

Characteristic Number of stores

Who is next owned by?

Next plc

Formerly J Hepworth & Son (1864–1982)
Total equity £ 660.9 million (2021)
Owner Next Holdings Limited
Number of employees 41,547 (2021)
Website www.next.co.uk

How many employees do next have?

NEXT PLC currently employs 43970 people.

What shops are in Tallaght Shopping Centre?

The anchor tenants are Dunnes, Debenhams and Tesco. Other brands include Boots, Eason, Heatons, New Look, River Island, H&M, Dealz, Carriag Donn, Skechers, Clarks, Currys PC World, Peter Mark, Vero Moda, JD Sports, Regatta, Nandos, Tiger, Starbucks, Lifestyle Sports and Vodafone.

Can you return clothes to next home?

Yes you can, in fact, you can take any Next product to any Next store regardless of where you purchased it for a refund or credit note.

Can you try clothes on in next stores?

Yes, but staff will need to sanitise the fitting rooms between each customer, and stores will likely open fewer rooms to allow for distancing.

What shops are at Crown Point Denton?

List of Shops

  • Aldi – Supermarket.
  • Best Brows.
  • Boots – Healthcare products and services. …
  • Card Factory – Greeting cards, wrapping, gifts, and party products.
  • CEX – Buy, sell, or exchange technology and entertainment products (phones, games, DVDs etc.).
  • Claire’s – Fashion accessories for women and girls.
  • Clarks – Footwear.
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Who is Next’s biggest competitors?

Top Competitors of Next

  • Hobbs. 1,056. $181 Million.
  • Phase Eight. 2,000. $422 Million.
  • AllSaints. 3,200. $675 Million.
  • Topshop. 18,000. $3 Billion.
  • FatFace. 2,830. $300 Million.
  • Peacock’s Stores. 1,384. $258 Million.
  • Monsoon Accessorize. 3,500. $385 Million.
  • Desigual. 3,700. $781 Million.

WHO ARE NEXT PLC main competitors?

The top existing competitors of NEXT are Arcadia Group, Debenhams, and Marks & Spencer. Arcadia Group PLC is the country’s number two clothing retailer behind Marks & Spencer (www.hoover.co.uk, 2000).

Does Next Directory still exist?

It still produces a printed shopping directory

As we at Ideal Home know only too well, sometimes you just can’t beat flicking through a printed catalogue for inspiration. The groundbreaking mail order operation Next Directory launched in 1988 with a hardback book containing 350 pages!

Who owns the Square in Tallaght?

giant Oaktree Capital

US fund giant Oaktree Capital – best known here as the owner of The Square Tallaght shopping centre and purchaser of soured loans from the main Irish banks – is set to buy a minority stake in Inter Milan as part of a €275m deal aimed at shoring up the Italian soccer team’s troubled finances.

What shops are in nutgrove?

Stores – Nutgrove, Tesco, McDonald’s, Dunnes Stores, Penneys and Argos | Nutgrove Shopping Centre.

What is in the square?

A square is a quadrilateral with four equal sides. There are many objects around us that are in the shape of a square. Each square shape is identified by its equal sides and its interior angles that are equal to 90°.

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1. What is a Square?
5. Construction of a Square
6. FAQs on Square and Properties of Square

What is root4?

The value of root 4 is equal to exactly 2. But the roots could be positive or negative or we can say there are always two roots for any given number. Hence, root 4 is equal to ±2 or +2 and -2 (positive 2 and negative 2). You can also find square root on a calculator.