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Boris Pasternak’s 1957 novel Doctor Zhivago is not based on a true story.

What happened to Dr. Zhivago’s wife and son?

In “Dr. Zhivago,” Lara is permanently consigned to the Gulag. In real life, Olga, pregnant with Pasternak’s child, is flung into a morgue by her jailers, and spends the night with a bunch of corpses while pondering her fate. She didn’t betray Pasternak, but she later miscarried.

What happened to Lara’s first daughter in Dr. Zhivago?

She asks for his help finding the child she lost (Yuri’s child), and they search through several orphanages without success. Eventually, Lara gave up the search and went away. Yevgraf believes that she died in a labor camp somewhere, “a nameless number on a list that was afterwards mislaid.”

Who is Tanya at the end of Doctor Zhivago?

Tanya is the daughter of members of the gentry. Her mother was living with a man named Komarov who was not her real father. He was a Russian Cabinet member hiding in Mongolia. When the Reds moved in, he sent Tanya’s mother and the entire household away on a secret train.

What happened to Lara’s mother in Dr. Zhivago?

Yuri assists when Komarovsky calls for a doctor to take care of Lara’s mother, who attempted suicide when she heard of his affair with her daughter.

Did Zhivago love Tonya?

When Tonya’s mother dies, Tonya is heartbroken. Staying true to her mother’s dying wish, she falls in love with Yuri Zhivago and marries him. They have a son together. Tonya’s life is disrupted when her husband Zhivago gets called away to be a doctor in the army.

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