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St Barts Ferry Great Bay Express operates daily services from Philipsburg, with up to 3 departures to St Barts a day! Travel from Sint Maarten to St Barths aboard one of their modern vessels – Shantiwa or Big B – making the crossing in just 45 minutes!

How much is the ferry from St Martin to St Barths?

St Barts Ferry Ticket Pricing

Per Person
Round Trip $115
One way $85

How long is the boat ride from St Maarten to St. Barts?

Ferry Connections

The Great Bay Express is a faster ferry that travels from Bobby’s Marina in Dutch St. Maarten to Gustavia in St. Barth. Crossing time is approximately 40 minutes.

What is the best way to get to St. Barts?

Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) on the nearby island of St Maarten is the closest major airport to St Barts. It’s approximately 16 miles away, as the crow flies. From there, it’s just a 15-minute flight over to St Barts.

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What ferries leave from St Martin?

Saint Martin / Sint Maarten

  • Airport Shuttle Anguilla. For fast, reliable airport transfers from St Martin to Anguilla, StMartingbookings.com offers multiple daily services with the leading operators in the region. …
  • Ferry to St Barths. Travel from St Martin to St Barts in just 30 minutes! …
  • Saba Ferry.

Can you take a ferry to St Barths?

St Barts Ferry

Great Bay Express operates daily services from Philipsburg, with up to 3 departures to St Barts a day! Travel from Sint Maarten to St Barths aboard one of their modern vessels – Shantiwa or Big B – making the crossing in just 45 minutes!

Can you take a boat from Anguilla to St Barths?

Calypso Charters out of Anguilla has a day-trip service using their pristine speed boats to carry visitors directly from Anguilla to St. Barths and back… all in a day. The service is offered on Tuesdays, sea-permitting. Calypso departs Blowing Point, Anguilla at 9am and reaches Gustavia, St.

Can you island hop from St Maarten?

Maarten? It’s that you don’t have to be on a cruise ship to island hop and tour around the islands! Unlike at most other Caribbean destinations, you can adventure around the neighboring islands by public ferry, plane, private boat charter or in an organized day trip from St. Maarten.

Is St Barts the same as St Barthelemy?

Saint-Barthélemy- often abbreviated as St Barts, St Barths or Saint Barth– is a small, volcanic island located in the northwest Caribbean Sea. It’s among four territories referred to as the Leeward Islands, a grouping which includes the French West Indies, Guadeloupe, and Martinique.

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Which airline goes to St Barts?

Here are the main airlines and the main cities from which you can fly nonstop to St Maarten airport and then transfer to St Barts. Airlines: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines.

Can jets land in St Barts?

If you decide to fly to St. Barths in a private jet, bear in mind that this airport only supports small regional turboprop aircraft and charters as its landing runway is 2170 feet long.

Can you fly private to St Barts?

Also known as St Barts’ Gustaf III Airport, it’s is one of the Caribbean’s most distinctive airfields. The airport was opened in 1984 and has a runway of just over 2,100 feet. You can take a private jet charter flight to St Bart’s from any of the neighboring islands.

How do you get from St. Martin to St Barths?

There are two routes that public ferries take when traveling by ferry from St Martin to St Barts. Great Bay Express operates from the dutch side city of Philipsburg (close to the Princess Juliana Airport). The trip to St. Barts takes 45 minutes one way.

Can I take ferry from St Maarten to Anguilla?

Maarten Ferry Terminal located across from the Princess Juliana Airport. Fares start from US$65 per person, one-way. Schedules are seasonal and operate from St. Maarten to Anguilla between the hours of approximately 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Can you take a ferry from St. Martin to Anguilla?

The ferry disembarks at the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal in Anguilla. The ferry takes about 25 minutes and departs St. Martin approximately every 45 minutes from 8:15 a.m. to 7 p.m.. The return from Anguilla runs from 7:30 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. It costs $20 one-way for those 12 years and older and $10 for those under 12.

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Are there snakes in St. Barths?

The Saint Barts blind snake (Antillotyphlops annae) is a species of blind snake in the family Typhlopidae. The species is endemic to the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy, an overseas collectivity of France.

Saint Barts blind snake
Conservation status
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes
Family: Typhlopidae

Are there black people in St. Barths?

St Barth is a young, hip, diverse place. There were no plantations or slavery there – and the black people on the island actively participate in the economy.

Do I need a passport to go to St Barts?

For American and Canadian citizens, you must have a valid passport, obligatorily accompanied by a return or continuation of travel ticket, it is not necessary to have a visa if the stay is shorter or equal to 30 days.

What is St Barts known for?

St. Barts—also known as St-Barth, St. Barths, and Saint Barthélemy—is a French-speaking Caribbean island known for its luxe vibe and flawless beaches. Popular among the jet set, St.

Can you bring your dog to St Barts?

Cats and dogs may be admitted temporarily with a certificate of good health issued not more than 5 days prior to arrival on the island, and proof of an anti-rabies vaccination given at least 30 days (but not more than 12 months) prior to arrival.