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An instrument resembling a pair of pincers or tongs, used for grasping, manipulating, or extracting, especially such an instrument used by a surgeon.

What is pair of forceps used for?

Forceps (plural forceps or considered a plural noun without a singular, often a pair of forceps; the Latin plural forcipes is no longer recorded in most dictionaries) are a handheld, hinged instrument used for grasping and holding objects.

What is the definition of forceps in biology?

Definition of Forceps

Forceps are medical instruments that act as pincers or tweezers. They are often used to grab, manipulate, or remove tissue or teeth from the body.

What is bayonet forceps?

Bayonet dressing forceps are made with serrated edges and are used to grasp and remove sterile dressings from wounds. Bayonet ear and nose forceps are made with smooth or serrated edges and are used to view, grasp or remove tissues or materials within these structures.

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What is forceps pickup?

a two-bladed instrument with a handle, used for compressing or grasping tissues in surgical operations, handling sterile dressings, and other purposes.

What is a curette used for?

thin metal tool called a curette is used to scrape (rather than vacuum out) the contents of the uterus, the procedure is called dilatation and curettage. When combined with dilatation, both evacuation and curettage can be used up to about the 16th week of pregnancy.

What is a retractor used for?

In varying forms, retractors are used to hold an incision open, hold back tissues or other objects to maintain a clear surgical field, or reach other structures. They can either be hand-held or self-retaining via a ratcheting mechanism.

What are the main types of forceps?

There are three main types of forceps:

  • outlet forceps.
  • low-cavity/mid-cavity forceps.
  • rotational forceps.

What is meant by tongs and forceps?

Tongs or pincers for grasping, compressing, and pulling, used esp. by surgeons and dentists. noun. An instrument resembling a pair of pincers or tongs, used for grasping, manipulating, or extracting, especially such an instrument used by a surgeon. noun.

What is the difference between a hemostat and forceps?

As nouns the difference between hemostat and forceps

is that hemostat is (medicine) an instrument that clamps blood vessels to diminish or halt blood flow while forceps is (l) (instrument used in surgery to grasp objects).

What is crocodile forceps?

Crocodile forceps are used in the removal of earwax and foreign bodies from the ear canal, or during the insertion of grommets into the ear drum to treat “glue ear”.

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What are cowhorn forceps used for?

Furcation-pattern forceps (often referred to as “cowhorns”) have long been favored in oral surgery for the extraction of lower molars with ordinary root-anatomy.

What is bipolar forceps?

Bipolar forceps are similar to normal surgical forceps in shape, but the intended purpose is much different. Unlike surgical forceps, which are meant to open and hold tissue, bipolar forceps are meant to coagulate — or make solid or semisolid — tissue by means of an electrical current.

Why is ventouse used?

An assisted birth (also known as an instrumental delivery) is when forceps or a ventouse suction cup are used to help deliver the baby. Ventouse and forceps are safe and only used when necessary for you and your baby. Assisted delivery is less common in women who’ve had a spontaneous vaginal birth before.

How many types of forceps are there?

As a result, there are over 600 different types of forceps, of which maybe 15 to 20 are currently available. Most hospitals have on hand between five and eight different types of forceps. While each type of forceps has been developed for a specific delivery situation, all forceps share several design characteristics.

What is Wrigley forceps?

Outlet forceps, e.g. Wrigley’s forceps, are small forceps used for lift-out deliveries and at caesarean section. Outlet forceps are used when: the fetal scalp is visible without separating the labia. the fetal skull has reached the pelvic floor.

What is the spelling of Forcep?

noun, plural for·ceps, for·ci·pes [fawr-suh-peez]. an instrument, as pincers or tongs, for seizing and holding objects, as in surgical operations.

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Is Headquarters singular or plural?

◊ Headquarters is plural in form but is used with both plural and singular verbs. The company’s headquarters is/are in Atlanta.

What is the meaning of plier?

Definition of pliers

: a small pincers for holding small objects or for bending and cutting wire.

What is the meaning of crow bar?

Definition of crowbar

: an iron or steel bar that is usually wedge-shaped at the working end for use as a pry or lever.

Is pliers a cutting tool?

pliers, hand-operated tool for holding and gripping small articles or for bending and cutting wire.