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Where was Douglas Bader buried?

In August 1941 Bader was shot down over German occupied France and was captured by the German soldiers.
Sir Douglas Bader.

Birth 21 Feb 1910 St Johns Wood, City of Westminster, Greater London, England
Burial Cremated, Ashes given to family or friend Show Map

What was the name of Douglas Bader dog?

At its most benign – my daughter’s wish that Douglas Bader had a dog called Rover – it is a good-hearted and understandable wish that the past had been less racist and more liberal, less cruel and more progressive, more like us.

How was Douglas Bader shot?

In the ensuing close engagements, Wing Commander Bader was ‘downed’. Exactly what happened to Bader remains a mystery to this day. Bader maintained that he had a mid air collision with a Bf 109. The Luftwaffe’s JG 26’s Kommodore, Oberst Adolf Galland, maintained that Bader had been shot down by one of his pilots.

How many kills did Douglas Bader have?

Douglas Bader was awarded the Bar to his Distinguished Service Order. Later on the same day, he claimed one Bf 109 fighter destroyed and another damaged. Douglas Bader collided with a German Bf 109E fighter during a dogfight; the German fighter was scored as a probable kill.
Douglas Bader.

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Surname Bader
Gender Male

What is Douglas Bader famous for?

The stiff upper lipped hero of Reach for the Sky this was not. Douglas Bader had been a commissioned pilot in the RAF for the grand total of one and a half years when the accident that turned him into one of the most famous pilots of the war took place.

How many times did Douglas Bader escape?

So much so that it was at this point that Bader made the first of three escape attempts 5 on 15 August, though he was caught within 24 hours by the Luftwaffe and transferred to Dulag Luft in Oberursel, an allied aircrew reception centre, where prisoners were interrogated before being dispatched to Stalag Luft camps.

What was Douglas Bader disability?

Bader joined the RAF in 1928, and was commissioned in 1930. In December 1931, while attempting some aerobatics, he crashed and lost both his legs. Having been on the brink of death, he recovered, retook flight training, passed his check flights and then requested reactivation as a pilot.

Who was the pilot at the end of Dunkirk?

Many of the soldiers he encountered were angry, “Where the hell have you been?” they asked of the air force. Toward the end of the movie, RAF pilot Collins (Jack Lowden), is asked this by a soldier. Mark Rylance’s character, Mr. Dawson, overhears and reassuringly tells Collins, “I know where you’ve been.”

Was George in Dunkirk a real person?

In fact, however, he is not fictional at all. He’s a very real person with a simple name change. And because of this transparent fictionalization, the real hero gets abslutely no credit in the movie or attendant publicity. His name was Charles Lightoller.

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How historically accurate is Dunkirk?

The story of Dunkirk is extraordinarily well-documented, and Nolan seemed determined to tell that story as accurately as possible. That makes Dunkirk the film an honest portrayal of Dunkirk the event, and one of the most precise World War II movies ever. That’s not to say that Nolan’s Dunkirk was historically flawless.