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How do you use a base breaker?

BASE BREAK AND TONE: Apply color mixture to the desired areas. Comb the hair every 5 minutes to achieve an even color result. After completion of development time, dampen the hair well with warm water and emulsify.

What is a base breaker in hair color?

Breaking the base, or a base break, is used to blend the hair that is not highlighted in-between foils. It is used to break-up the darker roots that were not lightened, which helps remove any line of demarcation in your hair color.

How do you use Blondor base breaker?

Melt Blondor Base Breaker onto previously lightened hair to tone existing blonde. No need for an additional toner. Comb through with a wide tooth comb for even distribution of product. Once developed rinse, shampoo and post treat.

What developer do you use with Redken Blonde Idol?

Features of the NEW Blonde Idol Base Breaker liquid:

Ideal for root touch ups, express services, and consumers who have too much contrast between their natural base color and highlights. Mix 1:1 10 or 20 vol . Pro-oxide Cream Developer for 45 minutes.

How do you mix Blondor base breaker?

Mixing: Always mix 1:1 with Welloxon; Example 30g of Blondor Base Breaker + 30g of Welloxon Perfect 1.9%. 1.9% Welloxon Perfect between 0.5 and up to 1 level of lift and soft tone.

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