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The XX jean was the name of Levi’s 501 jeans before they were called 501. The name XX was derived from a notation used in price lists to mean “extra, extra strong,” and reflects the status of jeans as working wear.

What is Levi’s 501xx?

Usually it signifies either quality, levi’s tradition, or reproduction. In the STF 501xx case, XX is on the patch because even though the fit and hardware of the jeans have changed, the tradition of buying unwashed denim and shrinking them yourself is the same as it was for the original XX jean.

What is the difference between Levis 501 and 501xx?

The oldest of the two models had a small spacing between the 501 and the XX which was written in a small font too. On the 1991 model, the 501xx is written in one continuous spelling with XX in a bigger, bold font.

What does Levis numbers mean?

For men, each number in the Levi’s collection signifies the overall sit, including the rise of the waist, the cut of the leg opening, and the fit of the seat. For women, each style number indicates the fit through the waist, hips and thighs, with many leg shapes and cuts to choose from.

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How do you read Levis size tags?

The first number tells you how the pants are designed around your seat, that is your hips and butt. The second number tells you how high the pants are supposed to sit on your waist. The bigger the number the higher the pants rise on your waist. The third number tells you how wide or narrow the pant leg is.

Are Levis 501s still cool?

As the overall style of the Levi’s jeans 501 model hasn’t changed much over the years, it can be seen as more of a dealbreaker. These jeans are meant to be timeless, not fleeting. With that in mind, the Levi’s 501 model will work wonderfully with someone who has a more classic style and fit.

How can you tell if 501 Levis are vintage?

Quote from video on Youtube:If your fiber ones are vintage is to check the care tag. If your care tag says made in the USA. You know that they were made before 2002. And the reason why we know this is because in 2002.

What is so special about 501 Levis?

The 501 Standard Fit is the gold-standard for an affordable classic jean. It’s not made from premium denim, and that’s just the point. It’s made from solid, serviceable denim, and it’s produced in overseas factories so it can be sold at an accessible price-point.

How can you tell if Levis are fake?

Look to make sure that the “S” is present in Levi’s. And most pairs should have a lowercase “e.” Note that red tabs with capital ‘E” would date real Levi’s to pre-1971. If they don’t look appropriately worn, they might be fake.

What Levi jeans are worth money?


  • Dark denim is worth more than a faded denim.
  • A big ‘E’ on the Levis’ tab is more valuable than a little ‘e’
  • Selvage edges on a jean’s inside cuff is also a high-value indicator.
  • A leather patch is worth more than a paper patch on the back of the jeans.
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What are Levi’s 505?

The 505 is the first zip-fly jean by Levi’s, created in 1967. With a similar cut to the 501, they sit at the waist, offer a bit more room in the thigh and have a straight fit down to the leg opening. Like the 501, this is a Levi’s classic.

What is the difference between Levi’s 560 and 569?

560 Comfort Fit-No Longer In Production

Tapered Leg. 16″ Leg opening. If you like your jeans loose and comfy, then you will love the 569 from Levi’s® . These jeans have a loose fit that carries down to their straight leg.

What is Levis 512?

The 512 is cut similarly to the 511 but with a narrower fit through the thigh and a tapered leg below the knee. Like the 511, it sits low at the waist for an overall more relaxed fit. The style is cut from stretch denim and available in eight washes including blues, black, gray and worn-in looks.

Are 501s high rise?

Since I do size up, and since 501s are, fundamentally, a high-rise, straight-leg, 100% cotton jean…the waist gets a bit big. These jeans do stretch out over time.

Are 501s flattering?

Quote from video on Youtube:They feel fitted but not tight even though they're more roomy. I think they're just tight enough that they look flattering.

What is the most popular style of Levi’s jeans?

See the 9 denim best sellers and 4 more recent developments from Levi’s below.

  • 501 Original Fit. Levi’s. …
  • 505 Regular Fit. Amazon. …
  • 511 Slim Fit. Levi’s. …
  • 514 Straight Fit. Amazon. …
  • 550 Relaxed Fit. Levi’s. …
  • 711 Skinny. Amazon. …
  • 721 High Rise Skinny. Levi’s. …
  • 501 Skinny. Macy’s.
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Why do some Levis not say Levi’s on the red tag?

Every now and then, you’ll find a blank red Tab: a red Tab with nothing but the trademark symbol on it. Though concerned customers have raised the blank red Tab as a red flag for a knockoff, rest assured, these are authentic Levi’s® and that is a fully intentional blank tab.

Why do my Levis have a black label?

The model/style, waist, and leg measurements of authentic Levi’s are always printed in black text. This is because they make the stock label first and then print these details onto each individual pair of jeans. Off center labels or spelling mistakes also indicate that the pair is fake.

How do you know if Levi jeans are real?

Name tag on the Red tab

“LEVI’S’ perfectly printed on the red tab along with an “R” (Registered symbol) signifies authenticity. However, a fake pair of jeans would have some sort of irregularity or discrepancy in the writing such as the letters being misaligned or “R” being missing or with simply no name.

How do I find my Levis style number?

To find a Levi’s style number, check the lower left-hand corner of the label on the back of your jeans and look for a 3 digit number starting with 5. Alternatively, look at the care tag on the inside of the waist, which should include the style number.

Are Levi’s on Amazon real?

I have to assume the Levi’s being sold on amazon are in fact Levi’s, but they are the “outlet store” version and not the standard or higher quality version. 1 of 1 found this helpful. Do you? If you receive Levi’s from us here at G&L Clothing, we can guarantee they are authentic.