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A cloche (“klōsh”) is a glass domed cover used to protect plants from frost. The word itself is actually French for “bell”, which makes sense given the shape! Back in France, they used these as miniature greenhouses, and outdoor gardeners today may still use them to protect more fragile plants from the cold.

What do you put under a glass cloche?

Plants. Faux are probably best, but succulents would do well under a glass cloche.

What is the purpose of a cloche?

Why use cloches

They are used to protect rows of low growing plants such as vegetables, strawberries and cut flowers, or cover individual plants in ornamental gardens. At the start of the year seedbeds and seedlings can be covered.

What do you store in a cloche?

You can put most anything in a cloche. I’ve used cloches to display plants, dishes, a special pitcher or fun figurine, but something as simple as a few books is perfect. I put a vintage trophy under the cloche below.

Can you put a plant under a cloche?

Growing plants under cloches is ideal for small tropical plants that crave high humidity. Ferns, soft-stemmed tropicals and carnivorous plants thrive in a moist, warm environment, making them good candidates for living under glass. African violets like a humid atmosphere.

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What is the difference between a bell jar and a cloche?

A garden cloche is an alternate name for a bell jar. Typically, the bell jar is rounded glass with no bottom that can be set over collectibles to display them. In gardening, the garden cloche was once solely made of glass but now may be made of many clear materials.

What can you grow in a cloche?

Here are a few of the plants that will thrive under your bell jar:

  • Maidenhair fern.
  • Creeping fig.
  • Baby tears.
  • Mini English ivy.
  • Philodendron.
  • African violet.
  • Orchid.

What do you put inside a glass dome?

Quote from video on Youtube:And then honestly I love the wooden bases elephant marble bases. But you can even just use a slice you know those like wood slices I've seen them at Michael's I've seen him at Target.

How do you make a glass cloche?

Quote from video on Youtube:And let's get started start out by choosing a small candle from the dollar store any fragrance that you like because we will remove the lid. And this you can burn and enjoy separately.

How do you grow plants under a cloche?

Absolutely! By placing a glass cloche over your plant, you’re creating a mini-climate. The moisture that the plant releases will stay within the cloche, creating condensation that is then reabsorbed by the plant. This keeps the humidity high around that finicky plant and cuts down on your watering schedule.

How do you style a cloche?

5 Simple Ways to Style a Cloche

  1. First up is with herbs…
  2. Next, is with wooden beads…
  3. Use fruit for bright colors…
  4. Try grouping flowers…
  5. You can never go wrong with succulents…
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How do you make homemade cloches?

Quote from video on Youtube:In scissors go in like that. And i just cut all the way around the outside of the container. It's as simple as that. I then take off the top. And there i have it a perfect mini cloche.

How do I make a cloche tomato plant?

Quote from video on Youtube:So I planted the tomato plant. I put this garbage bag I cut the bottom out of it I put it over the top. And I there was some extra material that I just stapled.

How do you make a decorative cloche?

Quote from video on Youtube:You will need a few miniatures to set your scene you will also need an acrylic cabinet handle you will need a glass bowl. And a glass saucer of course. You will need your handy-dandy. Tools.

What can you do with a glass dome?

5 Ways To Use Glass Domes In Your Home

  1. Encapsulate your beauty products. I’ve always been a fan of putting pretty little jars of perfume and oil on display, and this is the perfect way to do it. …
  2. Display a single object. …
  3. Admire your jewels. …
  4. Freeze a moment in time. …
  5. Make a terrarium.