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What is meant by pattern alteration?

1. By folding out excess fullness to make an area smaller. 2. By slashing and spreading or overlapping along pattern lines to increase or decrease dimensions.

What are the methods of pattern alteration?

As far as possible make changes within a pattern by slashing and spreading or slashing and lapping. Patterns can also be altered by redrawing the edges of the pattern. (This is the method adopted for altering garments at the time of fitting.)

What is pattern adaptation in fashion?

The system of garment pattern adaptation in accordance with the present invention provides a unified solution to the problem of adapting original patterns intended for use with woven rigid materials to stretch patterns which are sized to more effectively utilize the particular stretch characteristics of individual

What is pattern drafting?

Pattern drafting is the craft of making a paper plan or template for a garment. The plan is the first step in the design process. Drafted patterns are created from body measurements. Either the industry standard for commercial patterns or individual measurements for self-drafted patterns.

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What is basic fit problems of pattern alteration?

Some of most common fit problems are increase or decrease in height and width. Alterations in these problems increase the life of the garment.

What is dart manipulation in pattern making?

Dart manipulation is the art of taking the existing darts in a sewing pattern, and manipulating them around the pattern to achieve something else. It’s a common technique used in pattern making.

How many types of paper patterns are there?

They are 1. Standardised paper pattern 3. Block paper pattern 2. Individual paper pattern 4.

What do you understand by commercial pattern?

Commercial patterns are full-scale tissue paper clothing patterns used by the home-sewer to create garments and accessories issued in the States as early as 1854.

What are the uses of pattern?

A: In the industry, patterns are used to cut the fabric pieces and the garment is made. Patterns are made so that the same style can be duplicated when needed and multiple pieces can be made.

What is a basic pattern?

The basic pattern is the very foundation upon which pattern making, fit and design are based. The basic pattern is the starting point for flat pattern designing. It is a simple pattern that fits the body with just enough ease for movement and comfort (Shoben and Ward).

What are different types of pattern?

  • Solid or Single Piece Pattern. Single piece pattern is the cheapest pattern among all other types of pattern. …
  • Two- Piece Pattern. Two- piece pattern is also called as split piece pattern. …
  • Multi Piece Pattern. …
  • Match Plate Pattern. …
  • Gated Pattern. …
  • Skeleton Pattern. …
  • Sweep Pattern. …
  • Loose Piece Pattern.
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What are the types of pattern drafting?

Types of Patterns in Clothing Manufacturing

  • Flat Pattern Drawing. This method takes a basic pattern and translates it into a 3D shape with muslin fabric, which is then transferred to paper. …
  • Drafting. Drafting is often used to create initial designs. …
  • Fashion Draping.

What is foundation pattern?

Foundational patterns use the dimensions of the fit model, or your bodies measurements, to create a series of two-dimensional straight and curved lines. When said lines are connected and later sewn together in fabric, they will create a three-dimensional garment that is tailored to the body.

What is a final pattern?

The final sloper pattern is usually made of cardboard or paperboard, without seam allowances or style details (thicker paper or cardboard allows repeated tracing and pattern development from the original sloper).

What is the importance of pattern making?

Patterns are essentially made so that the same style can be easily duplicated when it is needed and multiple pieces can be efficiently made. Pattern making ensures that you don’t have to start from scratch while duplicating the patterns.

What is pattern manipulation?

Pattern Manipulation: The process in which you change and reshape pattern blocks to adjust the fit or incorporate a new design. Basic Pattern Set: A 5-piece set of flat patterning blocks consisting of a front and back bodice, a long sleeve, and a front and back skirt block.