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Military Grade Putricant Nasal Nausea is a unique liquid which exudes a harrowing, assaultive stench so foul that it can overwhelm anyone in its vicinity. The proprietary formula is so powerful that it is classified as a military-grade putricant. Deploy only with utmost caution and discretion.

What are stink bombs?

At one end of the spectrum, relatively harmless stink bombs consist of ammonium sulfide, which smells strongly of rotten eggs. When exposed to air, the ammonium sulfide reacts with moisture, hydrolyzes, and a mixture of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia is released.

How do you make stink spray?

Fill the plastic bottle halfway up with ammonia.

Fill up the container about halfway and then tightly screw the lid or cap back onto your container. Once you’ve put the lid on your stink bomb, allow it to sit for about 3-4 days. The chemicals inside will react and brew up the stench.

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How do you make gas rotten eggs?

Quote from video on Youtube:Okay this particular lab is called rotten egg gas it's a chemical reaction that produces an obnoxious odor. Which is an indicator of a chemical reaction. Okay Mercedes Jacob and Alonso pour iron

How do you get rid of stink bomb smell?

Cook a half cup of vinegar in your microwave for a couple of minutes. The vinegar seems to absorb the house odors, then you can pour them down the drain. Yes, your house may smell of vinegar for a few minutes, but that will dissipate in a little while. Overly fragrant foods, like bacon, can be cooked on the grill.

Is it illegal to set off a stink bomb?

The matter may be taken up at Monday’s board meeting. Stink bombs are about 1-inch long glass vials, containing a chemical agent that produces a noxious odor that can make people nauseous or harm asthmatics. State law allows their purchase or possession, but it is illegal to set one off.

What makes a fart bomb?

Skunks use their scent glands to expel a stinky spray to ward off predators. Their glands produce sulfur-based chemicals called thiols. The smell is very similar to rotten eggs. We use eggs and match heads to make our stink bombs because both eggs and matches contain sulfur.

How do you make someone’s room smell?

Quote from video on Youtube:Okay now we're gonna add some household ammonia this sulfur from the matches will actually combine with the ammonia and produce ammonium sulphate that's the stuff that's really gonna smell. Here.

How do I get the poop smell out of my bathroom?

Tips for reducing smelly odours after you go:

  1. Grab some poo-pourri. Yes this is an actual product and according to reviews it works wonders in the bathroom. …
  2. Use air freshener. Bathroom air fresheners come in many shapes and forms. …
  3. Clean the toilet. …
  4. Open the window.
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What is the smelliest liquid?


Chemical formula C3H6S
Molar mass 74.14 g·mol1
Appearance Brown liquid
Odor Extremely unpleasant, putrid odor

What disease makes you smell like rotten eggs?

Trimethylaminuria is a disorder in which the body is unable to break down trimethylamine, a chemical compound that has a pungent odor. Trimethylamine has been described as smelling like rotting fish, rotting eggs, garbage, or urine.

Why does the beach smell like sulfur?

❖ People who live and work near the beach are concerned that Sargassum washing up along the beaches may harm their health. Why does Sargassum smell so bad? When washed ashore, Sargassum will decompose (rot). Rotting Sargassum causes the production of hydrogen sulfide gas which smells like rotten eggs.

When was the stink bomb invented?

Crocker was recruited in 1943 to design one of its most creative weapons—a military-grade stink bomb that could be distributed to resistance groups and used to make its target “a source of derision or contempt,” according to declassified OSS files.

How do you make a stink bomb in 5 minutes?

Quote from video on Youtube:Now I recommend you use hot water for this because what we intend to do is create a bacterial bog inside of this little tub here now warm temperatures are a great place for bacteria.

How do you get rid of rotten egg smell?

Chlorine bleach can effectively remove medium to high levels (over 6 mg/l) of hydrogen sulfide. The chlorine in the bleach chemically reacts with (oxi- dizes) the hydrogen sulfide eliminating the “rotten egg” odor. Chlorine bleach also reacts with iron or manganese, and disinfects water supplies.

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How do I get rid of stink bugs?

Best Advice for Stink Bug Control

  1. Seal off entry points. For proper stink bug control, spend some time inspecting the outside of your home for easy access points. …
  2. Replace and repair. …
  3. Turn off the lights. …
  4. Reduce moisture sites. …
  5. Eliminate food sources. …
  6. Ventilate. …
  7. Check your belongings. …
  8. Properly landscape.

Why does my toilet stink even after I clean it?

Sewer Bacteria

In order to survive in your toilet, these tiny microorganisms tend to hold on to the rim of your toilet bowl for dear life. As bacteria begin to reproduce and multiply inside your toilet bowl, they can cause a foul smell that remains even after you clean your toilet.

What foods make your poop smell good?

Coconut milk, juice, and oil. Certain vegetables, including broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, kale, radish, and turnips. Dairy products (except butter) Eggs.

How do you make your poop not smell in public?

Line the inside of the toilet bowl with toilet paper which will prevent any ‘plopping’ sounds. Flush repeatedly. This is great in a public restroom if you are worried about smells and sounds. As soon as you drop a poop, you can flush, which will get rid of the source of smell immediately.

Why do guys smell like cheese?

It has been found through studies that male sweat tends to smells “cheesy” because they have more of the molecule called, 3-hydroxy-3-methylhexanoic acid.

Is floating poop okay?

Floating stools are not usually a cause for concern, as they can result from gas being trapped in the stool and from a high fiber diet. However, if the symptom persists, a person may wish to contact a doctor.