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In a nutshell, or in this case a sleeping bag, Stormdown is essentially a special “all natural, non-synthetic” coating applied to the down to prevent it from absorbing water. DOWNTEK claims this absorbs 30% less water than untreated down, dries 60% faster and retains more loft when wet.

What is Eddie Bauer StormDown?

The Eddie Bauer Downlight StormDown Hooded Jacket is treated with DownTek and filled with an 800 fill stormdown. This means that each Down cluster is treated with a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish allowing the Down to retain its loft while keeping you warm even in wet conditions.

What is Eddie Bauer MicroTherm?

Eddie Bauer MicroTherm StormDown Star Rating

The Eddie Bauer MicroTherm StormDown is a high quality midlayer that excels at mobility, warmth, and layering. The 800-fill down combines with the thin horizontal baffles for an urban style.

Are Eddie Bauer down jackets good quality?

It is highly water-resistant, stylish, form-fitting, and is a great price. It’s also a high-quality coat. Eddie Bauer did a great job manufacturing this jacket.

Is Eddie Bauer puffer jacket warm?


Most importantly, it has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio thanks to its high-quality 650-fill down insulation.

How do you pack a microtherm jacket?

Quote from video on Youtube:It can just zip that right on up and then use that as a little neck pillow. Put it behind me use that as a seat cushion or really what I use it for a lot is just to clip this to my harness.

What color is storm Eddie Bauer?


Eddie Bauer’s Downlight Stormdown jacket offers 800-fill insulation that’ll offer enough protection for even the coldest of cold-weather activities. It’s particularly handsome—and recognizable—in the “storm” color, with its orange contrast zippers.

Does Eddie Bauer use goose down?

CERTIFIED TWICE 100% inspected and certified twice. To ensure it meets our highest standards, every lot of Eddie Bauer goose down is double inspected before a single garment is made. We know of no other company that goes to such extremes.

Is Eddie Bauer an ethical brand?

Eddie Bauer is a global brand that can be considered unethical. Reasons include their lack of transparency for their practices, ethics, and their unaccountable actions. However, the brand does show importance in diversity and inclusion, which can be considered a first step to becoming more ethical.

Is Eddie Bauer a designer brand?

Eddie Bauer

Type Private
Products Clothing, sportswear, outdoor gear
Revenue US$1 billion (2021)
Owners Authentic Brands Group and SPARC Group LLC
Number of employees 7,000 worldwide (2021)

How good is Eddie Bauer winter jacket?

Price-wise, Eddie Bauer is more affordable and it also comes with great lifetime warranty, no questions asked for all of its products. Their winter parkas are also really good and quite warm, making the brand a good choice if you are in the market for a jacket to fend off the cold.

What is 650 fill power down?

Slightly lower fill power down (i.e. 650-700 fill power) is sometimes used in high-contact zones of some active garments. Examples include the forearm, shoulder and leg regions of climbing and expedition down jackets/suits – where it is able to resist compression better than higher fills.

Does Eddie Bauer make good gear?

Nowadays, Eddie Bauer is both a technical outdoor gear and casual outdoor clothing company that’s known around the world. Their gear is popular for being both well-made and highly affordable, which sets it apart from the pack in the outdoor industry.

What does first ascent mean Eddie Bauer?

First Ascent’s motto is ”Everything you need and nothing you don’t.” With what appears to be high-quality gear at a reasonable price, the company is trying to separate its well-known Eddie Bauer brand — which may be associated with casual, semi-performance clothing — from the new technical line.

Does Eddie Bauer use real fur?

“We take this issue very seriously,” a company representative said in a statement to Consumerist. “Eddie Bauer does not purchase live-plucked down, does not use live-plucked down in its products, and does not condone cruelty to animals.”

Where are Eddie Bauer clothes made?

Their clothes are primarily manufactured offshores in countries such as China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and Indonesia, and the company has been accused by its workers of poor, “sweatshop-like” working conditions.

Is Eddie Bauer made in the USA?

Over the last year, Arrow, Liz Claiborne, The Gap, Montgomery Ward, Geoffrey Beene, Eddie Bauer and Levi’s have all made clothes on this palm-fringed island that is part of the American commonwealth in the Western Pacific, 5,000 miles from the continental United States.

When was Eddie Bauer Made in USA?

Key Dates: 1920: Eddie Bauer opens Eddie Bauer’s Sport Shop in Seattle.

What has happened to Eddie Bauer?

The two companies have entered into an agreement to purchase Eddie Bauer from PSEB Group, an operating company owned by Golden Gate Capital. ABG will own Eddie Bauer’s intellectual property, and the brand’s core operating business will become a part of the SPARC portfolio of brands.

Is Eddie Bauer an expensive brand?

Overall, Eddie Bauer provides a good range of prices, the majority of which are quite affordable. Their more technical pieces and those insulated with down are a bit pricier, but not too high.

What is Eddie Bauer famous for?

Eddie Bauer, inventor of the down parka, made his name synonymous with high-quality outdoor clothing and sporting goods. An avid outdoorsman, Bauer opened a small sporting goods store in downtown Seattle in 1920.

What race is Eddie Bauer?

Eddie Bauer was born on October 19, 1899, on Orcas Island, located in Puget Sound off the coast of Washington state. His parents, Jacob and Mary Catherine Bauer, were Russian-German immigrants who operated an Italian plum farm. Eddie was the youngest child in the Bauer family.

Are LL Bean and Eddie Bauer the same company?

Eddie Bauer’s brand is ranked #- in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Eddie Bauer. L.L. Bean’s brand is ranked #764 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of L.L. Bean.
Eddie Bauer vs L.L. Bean.

72% Promoters
16% Passive
12% Detractors

What kind of down does Eddie Bauer use?

As for synthetic insulation, Eddie Bauer use the Thermafill® synthetic insulator. Thindown is another fabric created to maintain the same loft and compressibility as natural down, but with more weather resistance. It is an Italian product and it is an innovative fabric unique in its kind.