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1940sthe 1940s.

What is a 1950s pin-up?

If you’re an aspiring pin-up girl, the easiest styles to start with are 1950s dresses. A pin-up model often posed in a strappy sun dress, usually with a full skirt (easily upswept by the wind!) and often with spaghetti straps or a buttoned front that could be unbuttoned a few inches from the hem.

What year is a pin-up girl?

In 1895, Charles Gibson, an illustrator who drew for Life magazine, was credited with drawing the first pinup girl. His renderings of well-endowed women with hourglass figures and full lips became known as Gibson Girls.

What are pin-up girls from the 40s?

Pin-up girls are models with widely distributed, mass produced photo spreads, usually on both sides of the page, that soldiers, teenagers, and many others would display by “pinning” them up on the wall. The term was coined in 1941 and became very popular throughout the 40s and beyond.

What started pin-up girls?

Charles Dana Gibson (American, 1867–1944) created one of the earliest forms of pinup illustration, known as the Gibson Girl. She was the image of idealized beauty in the early 20th century. She was proper, self–confident, and maintained an alluring gaze to the viewer.

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Was Marilyn Monroe a pin-up girl?

Just shy of her 23rd birthday, the actress was likely keen to earn some extra cash as she posed for her debut pin-up shoot in 1949 for photographer Tom Kelley. She made $50 from the image, which was later featured in the first ever Playboy issue in 1953.

What do pin-up girls wear?

Pin-up style

Pin-up girls use to wear period dresses, always tight on the waist and with polka dots, stripes or checks. Regarding the skirts, they can be long or short. If they are long will be three quarters with flounces.

Who was the pin up girl during ww2?

Betty Grable

No history of American pop culture in the 1940s would be complete without mention of Betty Grable, the most popular pinup girl of the World War II era. Grable possessed the outstanding fortune of not only having an ideal body, but of arriving at the most fortuitous time imaginable.

What is a pin up tattoo?

Pin Ups & Tattoos

Pin up tattoos are popular with both men and women. They still represent female independence and power, especially, again, Rosie the Riveter. A lot of women will get these tattoos to symbolize their strength, power and independence.

What is a cheesecake photo of a girl?

They say “cheesecake” was used to describe “a genre of glamour photography and poster art made popular in wartime pin-ups of the 1940’s, often featuring modest poses by movie starlets displaying lots of leg but little explicit nudity.

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How do you pick a pin-up name?

Quote from video on Youtube:Community research iconic pinups and the different names they have utilized. You can either choose a stage name that suits your pinup persona or a name that juxtaposes. The idea of who you are we're.

Was Rita Hayworth a pinup?

By the outbreak of the Second World War, Hayworth had established herself as a glamorous superstar — she was the American GIs’ main pin-up girl during the war, with the world at her fingertips when it ended.

Are pin ups still a thing?

Historically, black women in pin-up are still not as common as their white counterparts. However, the recent revival of pin-up style has propelled many black women today to create and dabble with the classic pin-up look to create their own standards of beauty.

What does a pin-up girl tattoo represent?

the pinup girl who appears wrapped in the star-spangled banner is a symbol of American patriotism. She represents American beauty ideals and pride for the United States.

What is a Sailor Jerry tattoo?

Sailor Jerry loved ships and held master papers on every major type of vessel. His legendary clipper ship tattoos represent both the call to adventure and the determination to be “Homeward Bound”. And they’re eminently seaworthy – Jerry always inked his riggings to be nautically accurate.

Is Captain Morgan or Sailor Jerry better?

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum bites early on the palate quickly giving way to a sweet note of vanilla and caramel. The spice is satisfying and lingers for quite a while on the throat. Sailor Jerry is extremely spice forward with bold cloves and cinnamon and only a hint of sweetness.

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Why did sailors have swallow tattoos?

A swallow –

A swallow with a dagger would be used as a memorial of a lost comrade at sea. Swallows are known for their migration patterns where they travel long distances from home and back again, a swallow tattoo would also mean that a sailor could always find their way home.