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The only way is through.The only way is through.”

Does Under Armour have a motto?

Introducing Under Armour’s 2020 Global Brand Platform—The Only Way Is Through. One last drive.

What is Under Armour’s mission statement?

Under Armour’s mission is to make all athletes better through science, passion and the relentless pursuit of innovation.

What does Under Armour promise?

The Under Armour brand promise aims to inspire, enable and empower human performance through innovative athletic products and compelling experiences.

What is the main value proposition of Under Armour?

Under Armour’s value proposition to the high-performance athletic market is simple—the brand wants to “make all athletes better through passion, science and the relentless pursuit of innovation,” focusing on product performance.

What is Under Armour’s strategy?

The company strives to boost its operating model as well as return greater profitability and value to shareholders. Its long-term growth strategy is based on investing in own stores and digitization to directly reach customers along with selling more inventory at full price.

What are Under Armour’s strengths?

Under Armour Strengths

65% of its revenue was accumulated through wholesale distribution, whereas 31% was gathered through direct consumer sales. The company currently sells its products in some countries through licensing. These operational modifications have continued to expand the brand globally.

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What is Under Armour’s competitive advantage?

Under Armour’s main distinct competitive advantage is its ability to innovate products that disrupt and change the sports apparel industry. UA is focused beyond developing better versions of current sports apparel, they are creating completely new products that outperform existing technologies.

Who is Under Armour’s biggest competition?

Under Armour’s main competitors are Nike and Adidas, both of which have historically earned much higher revenue than UA. Although the barriers to entry in the sports apparel industry are very high, UA successfully found its place in the market by marketing primarily to American football.

What are the key elements of Under Armour’s strategy?

The key elements of Under Armour’s strategy: Under Armour’s mission is “To make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.” – To achieve sales revenue of $4 billion by 2016, up from an estimated $2.2 billion in 2013.

Who is Under Armour’s target market?

Customer Profile

Under Armour’s US customers are mostly male (69% compared to female buyers) and aged between 18 and 24, suggesting a Generation Z-inspired target market.

Why is Under Armour different?

What makes Under Armour different? Under Armour is the original performance apparel. It started simply enough, as most innovations do, with the idea to create a t-shirt that would actually improve performance on the field instead of hold you back.

What is Under Armour’s competitive disadvantage?

The company is highly dependent on the American market for revenue. Some of the other weaknesses of Under Armour are lack of product customization, high pricing of their products limits their potential buyers and lack of many women subscribers to the brand.

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