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What was Audrey Hepburn personality type?


As an INFP, Audrey tends to be reserved, idealistic, and adaptable. Audrey generally enjoys being alone or with small groups of people and likely prefers to listen to and contemplate while in discussions.

What made Audrey Hepburn special?

Audrey Hepburn was a Belgian-born British actress and humanitarian. She is best known for her roles in films such as Roman Holiday (1953), Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), and My Fair Lady (1964). Hepburn devoted the final years of her life to humanitarian work. In 1992 she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

What were Audrey Hepburn’s last words?

Please think of me when you wear them. ‘ Later on, when we went to bed, she said, ‘It was the most beautiful Christmas I ever had. Before her death, Audrey began suffering from abdominal pain after she returned from Somalia to Switzerland in late September 1992.

What did Audrey Hepburn struggle with?

From her childhood during World War II to her cancer diagnosis in her later years, Hepburn dealt with great obstacles during her lifetime, many of which are detailed in “Little Audrey’s Daydream.” But Ferrer Hepburn also revealed another struggle — his mother experienced pregnancy loss multiple times before and after

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Why is Audrey Hepburn an INFP?

Audrey Hepburn was an INFP personality type. She explored situations using her imagination and constantly questioned ‘what if? INFPs typically think through a variety of possibilities before settling on one course of action.

What was Jesus’s personality type?

Jesus shows the characteristics of a Judging type in that he seemed to have a clear plan for his life, to know who he was and what his purpose was, from the beginning of his ministry, if not from the very beginning of his life.

How old was Audrey Hepburn when she had her first baby?

Acting became secondary in her life, as she bore a child at age forty during her thirteen-year marriage to Italian physician Andrea Dotti. Hepburn chose to spend her time with her two sons and work for the international children’s relief organization UNICEF.

How many times did Audrey Hepburn marry?

Although Audrey was only married twice, she also had a ton of admirers and boyfriends she was unafraid to share with the world. One of her public relationships was with fellow actor Robert Wolders. He appeared in shows like Bewitched and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. They were together for years until Audrey’s death.

Are Audrey Hepburn and Katherine Hepburn related?

Audrey Hepburn is not related to Katherine Hepburn

Katharine was the daughter of two wealthy Connecticut Americans; Audrey the daughter of Dutch nobility. There is no meeting of family lines. They do, however, have a lot in common: talent, beauty, the same star sign, multiple acting awards.

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What happened to Audrey’s mother?

Baroness Ella van Heemstra, DStJ (12 June 1900 – 26 August 1984) was a Dutch-British aristocrat and the mother of actress Audrey Hepburn. After her marriage to Joseph Victor Anthony Ruston, she became a British citizen.

Ella van Heemstra
Died 26 August 1984 (aged 84) Tolochenaz, Vaud, Switzerland
Buried Netherlands

How much younger was Robert than Audrey Hepburn?

Wolders was 25 years younger than Oberon. They remained married until her death in 1979. In 1980, Wolders became the companion of Audrey Hepburn until her death in 1993.

What happened to Audrey Hepburns parents?

Joseph wanted her to be educated in England, so in 1937, Hepburn was sent to live in Kent, England, where she, known as Audrey Ruston or “Little Audrey”, was educated at a small independent school in Elham. Hepburn’s parents officially divorced in 1938.

What happened to Audrey Hepburn husband Robert?

Robert Wolders, Actor and Longtime Audrey Hepburn Companion, Dies at 81. Dutch actor Robert Wolders, the longtime companion of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ star Audrey Hepburn and former husband of actress Merle Oberon who appeared on the TV Western ‘Laredo’ and in films like ‘Beau Geste,’ has died. He was 81.

How old was Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

thirty-one years old

Holly Golightly is supposed to be just nineteen years old when she meets with Paul. Audrey Hepburn was thirty-one years old when playing Holly.