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AmericanAmerican contemporary menswear designer.

John Varvatos
John Varvatos (2006)
Born August 8, 1954 Detroit, Michigan
Nationality American
Education Eastern Michigan University

Where is Varvatos made?

John Varvatos is an American luxury clothing brand founded in 1999 by designer John Varvatos that specializes in high-end luxury clothing for men. They primarily manufacture in China, Bangladesh and related countries with some production occurring in Italy.

When was Varvatos founded?

The collection is distributed in 10 freestanding John Varvatos boutiques across the US, as well as in high-end department stores throughout the world. The John Varvatos Headquarters are located in New York City.
John Varvatos (company)

Type Private
Industry Fashion
Founded 1999
Founder John Varvatos
Headquarters New York City

Who did John Varvatos design for?

Varvatos returned to Ralph Lauren in 1995, where he was appointed Head of Menswear Design for all of the Polo Ralph Lauren brands. Varvatos created the Polo Jeans Company while working there. After 13 years behind the scenes at two major classic American houses, Varvatos decided to branch out on his own.

Who makes Varvatos cologne?

Shiseido Americas Corporation

JV Fragrance & Skincare (formerly Zirh International Corp.) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shiseido Americas Corporation. The JOHN VARVATOS brand launched in 2004, and is sold in 34 countries worldwide.

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