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Stripes can mix well with a dot pattern or even an animal print provided there is some harmony between the colours of both patterns. Notice that I’ve also added an accent colour with my shoes, bracelet and necklace.

What pattern goes well with stripes?

The trick is to choose the right color combo and scale your patterns proportionately to create a cohesive look. The easiest patterns to mix with stripes are florals, polka dots, and checks, but damask, ikat, and paisley also look awesome with stripes.

Can you wear stripes and prints together?

Yes, stripes and plaids DO go together.

Can you mix floral and stripes?

Mixing stripes and floral prints in a home is an effective decorating technique as long as you vary the scale and size of the patterns. According to Your Decorating Hotline, choosing a large-scale stripe and mixing it with a medium or small floral print creates balance in the room.

How do you mix and match stripes?

3 Tips for Mixing Stripes

  1. Select One Unifying Color. It’s important to find a common ground when it comes to mixing stripes. …
  2. Vary the Width for Visual Interest. Look for striped pieces in various widths. …
  3. Play with Textures. When wearing stripes with stripes, it helps to find items in differing textures.
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How do you decorate with stripes?

Decorating with stripes – 15 smart striped room ideas

  1. Use narrow stripes to make a room seem grander. …
  2. Combine stripes with florals and graphics. …
  3. Use kilim stripes to add character to a bed. …
  4. Decorate with stripes – but stripes with a twist. …
  5. Layer stripes with stripes for a daring scheme. …
  6. Enhance a room with a striped rug.

What curtains go with striped wallpaper?

I would go with a plain colour for the curtains either go for the neutral colour of the other walls or the grey colour that you mentioned in the curtains. You’d be surprised at what fabrics go with a stripy wallpaper. Take a bit of the wallpaper and a sofa cushion with you to a curtains shop and match them up.

Do stripes and camo match?

The colors should look good together.

Keep it simple. Whether you’ve got a more olive or tan camo, your stripes should not compete. They should probably be something simple like white-and-black or gray-and-white stripes. Adding more colors into the mix might just be too much.

Can I wear stripes and polka dots together?

Mix patterns of different scales.

So, if you’re trying to wear polka dots and stripes together, make sure if your polka dots are small, you’re wearing a big bold stripe. Alternatively, if the print of your stripe is small, wear the stripes with a bigger, bolder polka dot pattern.

Can you wear striped pants with checkered shirt?

It’s OK to mix patterns: checks with stripes, stripes with stripes, etc., but it increases the degree of difficulty of getting dressed. Some people can carry off a sophisticated mix instinctively; others have to study men’s-store mannequins for clues (and these are often the wrong clues).

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Can you mix geometric and floral patterns?

3. A Foolproof Formula. A great strategy when mixing pillows together is to use one of each of these four: a floral/paisley, a geometric, a stripe, and a solid. As long as each of these fabrics is in a similar color palette, you’re sure to create a beautifully mixed and matched combination of patterns.

Can you wear striped pants with a floral shirt?

One of the easy ways to style striped pants is to complement them with a bright and colorful top like the one in the picture below! 6. Floral tops on striped pants. I love to mix and match different prints together, and the best combination is a colorful floral top over black and white striped pants!

Does dark grey go with camo?

Does camo match with GREY? You can wear either all black or all grey with your camo, or go with a mix of both. Black clothing looks classic paired with camo pants, and a touch of grey pairs lovely as well. These tones add some softness to camo’s loud print.

What patterns go with camouflage?

Camo looks great paired with black, white, and other neutrals, but it also works with bold neons and even soft pastels. Adding a little color helps soften the look and makes it feel a little more fun.

Does camo look good with red?

I think maroon or dark red goes really well with camo. red and green are complimentary colors. and the red give its a nice pop against all of those earthy greens in the camo.

What pattern goes well with polka dots?

Stripes, circles, squares or other geometric patterns in black and white look original and bright with a colorful floral pattern. You can use the neutral color concept to match festive polka dots quickly and easily.

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Are polka dots OK for a wedding?

Leopard print is too extra for a wedding. Stripes are too casual. Florals are too “one outfit”-esque… but polka dots are perfect. Polka dots are neutral enough to create totally new outfits with, but strong enough to stand out in a sea of neutrals.

What pattern goes with dots?

Polka dots pair well with a parade of other patterns, which makes mingling with them that much more exciting. You can wear them with florals if you’re feeling flirty, animal prints for those feistier days and stripes when you’d like to fantasize about a trip to the French Riviera.

Are polka dots out of style?

Are polka dots in style in 2021? Polka dots are never far away for long, but in 2021, there’s a new print in town. Instead of polka dots, print fans are opting for checkerboard, colourful stripes and florals for spring (groundbreaking) instead. That’s not to say polka dots aren’t around anymore.

Do stripes and gingham go together?

No doubt about that. But, it’s also the perfect stripe pattern for pairing with my favorite gingham shirt. Bold stripes meet small checks for a balanced combination. Since black and white prints are among the easiest to mix up, I added an additional print for fun―leopard.