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If you’re wondering what materials does Crep Protect Spray work on, we’ve ensured that it covers delicate materials like suede, nubuck, canvas, mesh and Primeknit. Our special formula ensures that your sneakers repel liquids and stains, creating the ultimate barrier against grime.

Can I use CREP protect on Uggs?

Crepe protect spray works well on leather shoes, Ugg boots, Vans, suede boots, sneakers, Timberlands, and faux leather. The nanotechnology ingredients in the spray help to stop dirt from absorbing into the fabric of your shoes. This allows you to simply wipe them clean when they get dirty.

Can you use CREP protect on Adidas?

Whether it’s about the best method to clean a pair of shoes or simply the world of trainers, the Crep Protect Cleaning Crew are on hand to help with any adidas Creator needs.

Does CREP protect work on boots?

Yes it can. We put the brush through years of research and development and came up with something that is safe to use on all shoe materials. Can this clean Suede or Nubuck materials? Yes, take caution not to use excessive water and brush carefully.

Can you use CREP spray on timberlands?

Quote from video on Youtube:No.

Can you use CREP protect spray on Jordan 1?

Quote from video on Youtube:Getting ruined or stained or any of that the only reason you should be spraying or Jordan one is if you decide oh you know I'm gonna spray the laces.

Can you put Crep Protect on clothes?

Crep Protect x New Era Spray

200ml super-hydrophobic spray that creates an invisible coating which repels liquids and prevents stains. For use on wool, polyester, cotton & denim headwear. Easy to apply and quick drying. Protection lasts up to 6 months.

Can you use Crep Protect Cure on suede?

Provides convenient and effective cleaning for suede and nubuck footwear. Quick and easy-to-use gentle eraser for effective cleansing and re-buffing of nubuck and suede leathers. Simply work the rubber into the affected area.

Can you use CREP protect cleaner on suede?

Whether your shoes are leather, suede, nubuck, or canvas, Crep Protect will repel liquids, preventing any stains from spoiling your footwear, with an invisible coat. Comes with an easy to use 5 oz aerosol spray bottle and a quick and easy to use gentle eraser for effective cleansing and rebuffing for suede and nubuck.

Can you use Crep Protect on Air Force Ones?

Quote from video on Youtube:It should last you about three to four weeks before you have to reapply. But here's the catch if you wear your shoes once put them back in the box.

Does CREP work on vans?

Quote from video on Youtube:The result I like to turn out the CREP attempt definitely cleans the dirty stains in the dirt off the my bands. So I'm pretty happy with the result and is gonna be my end of the video.

Can Crep Protect on leather?

Can I use this on leather? Yes when using shake the can well and spray lightly from a distance of 20cm. Please note leather is already waterproof so the effect is minimal.

Does CREP stain suede?

Quote from video on Youtube:So the biggest tip I can give you is to use these products use that spray before you wear your brand new suede or nubuck shoes out. It. Won't have pre-existing stains that you need to remove prior.

What is suede and nubuck?

Suede is crafted by sanding or rubbing the inside layer of the leather hide. Nubuck is crafted from the sanded outside layer of the leather hide. The outside layer of the leather hide tends to be much thicker, sturdier, and durable.

How do you clean shoes after using Crep Protect?

Quote from video on Youtube:Step 4 scrub areas of dirt in a circular motion. Step 5 use a microfiber cloth to wipe the sneaker clean and leave it to drive up to 12 hours creep protector the odds of a shoe cleaner.

What are suede shoes?

Suede is a high-quality form of leather, made from the underside of the animal hide. It’s characterized by a soft smooth surface, and it is popular for fashion items, like shoes, accessories, and jackets.

Can suede shoes be waterproofed?

Is it Waterproof? Suede is not a waterproof material. However, you can waterproof your suede so it can withstand a little winter and a little rain. Still, you should avoid walking in heavy rain or cleaning the material with a lot of water.

What is suede vs leather?

Leather is defined by its smooth texture, while suede’s surface can be more accurately described as soft—this is because leather is the outer-facing side of the hide, while suede is the inner-facing side. Because leather is the exterior of a hide, it’s more durable.