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SoapySoapy.” It is made clear that Soapy is homeless, one of the underclass men and women who flocked to New York City during the earliest years of the twentieth century.

Who is soapy?

Soapy, the central character in O. Henry’s story “The Cop and the Anthem,” is a homeless man in New York City who reasons that if he could only get himself arrested, he would be imprisoned on Blackwell’s Island, where he would be assured of housing, warmth, and the satisfaction of his basic needs.

What kind of story is The Cop and the Anthem?

Adventure; Realism. “The Cop and the Anthem” is the story of one adventurous night in the life of our main character, Soapy.

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What is the theme of The Cop and the Anthem?

”The Cop and the Anthem” is a short story by O. Henry that addresses themes related to freedom and class. In the story, the main character, Soapy, is a homeless man who would prefer to spend time in prison rather than in a homeless shelter because they ask too many questions.

Who is the antagonist in The Cop and the Anthem?

Soapy is the protagonist, the police are his antagonist.

What was Soapy’s main goal?

He wants to return to prison, so he has three months of warmth, a bed, safety from cops, and meals. In what city is the setting? Why does Soapy prefer prison over other places (i.e. a mission, shelter)?

What made Sophie restless?

Answer: Soapy was restless because he had not arranged any shelter for approaching winters.

What was winter island for the main character?

2. Who is the main character of this story? Soapy. Soapy needs a warm place to live for the winter.

Why did soapy take stones?

Soapy took a stone because he wanted to get arrested by throwing the stone at the plate glass of a shop window.

On which day black bow was presented to the main character in the lesson the cop and the anthem?

Soapy had confidence in himself because he was shaven, his coat was trim and he was wearing a neat, black bow which had been presented to him by a lady missionary on Thanksgiving Day.

What is the moral of the chapter The Cop and the Anthem?

Answer. The Cop and the Anthem Theme of Dreams, Hopes, and Plans. One moral we might get out of this story (if we were looking for morals) is that our goals and dreams, our hopes, and our plans for the future might play a big role in determining the course of our lives.

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How does the story of The Cop and the Anthem end?

What happens at the end of the story? Soapy decides to change his life. But then a cop arrests Soapy. He is sent to Blackwell’s Island.

What is the irony of the story The Cop and the Anthem?

-The irony in ‘The cop and the anthem’ is just that when Soapy wants to get arrested and taken to jail, he can never manage to get a police officer to arrest him. But, then he decides to change his ways and quit being a bum. As soon as he does that, he gets arrested.

What is the meaning of Winter Island?

Answer: it means that the place was so cold so it is called winter island.

Why did soapy want to be on Winter Island because *?

Why Soapy Preferred the Prison on Blackwell’s Island? Soapy knew that there were places he could go to, where he would get food and bed. However, in exchange for these things he would have to do certain tasks and pay for what he was getting. He would have to answer questions about his life and he did not like this.

Where does soapy go and why?

Soapy wanted to go to prison. There were places in the city where he could go and ask for food and a bed. These would be given to him.

What did soapy see in the shop?

Ans. Soapy saw a shop with a wide glass window at the corner of the Sixth Avenue. He decided to throw stones on it, expecting the cops to arrest him. However, because Soapy chose not to run after having stoned the shop, the cop did not believe that he was the culprit.

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What was soapy carrying with him *?

But he let Soapy go because he himself was carrying a stolen umbrella. Soapy, at last, came to a quiet street.

What was Soapy’s fear?

The quick answer is that Soapy fears the onset of winter, considering that he is homeless and lives on the street.

Why did the cops ignore soapy when he was shouting as a drunk person?

What did the cop not consider, and why? Ans: The cop’s mind didn’t consider Soapy because the men who break windows do not stop there to talk to cops. They run away as fast as they can. The cop saw a man further along the street, running and they ran after him.