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6 pound to 8 pound6 pound to 8 pound range. The denser it is, the longer and better the pad will hold up. Carpet thickness is also important. A quality carpet pad should also be thick enough to provide cushion.

What is the difference between 6 pound and 8 pound carpet padding?

The two most popular choices are 6 pounds and 8 pounds. A 6-pound carpet pad is going to be softer underfoot while an 8-pound carpet pad is more durable, and can extend the life of your carpet. An 8-pound carpet pad is also preferable for higher traffic areas of your home.

What thickness of carpet pad do I need?

When selecting cushion, check the carpet manufacturer’s requirements for thickness and density. A general rule of thumb for most residential carpet applications is to choose cushion no more than 7/16 inch thick and no less than 1/4 inch with 6 pounds per cubic feet density.

Is 10 pound or 8 pound carpet pad better?

Padding for residential applications usually have a density rating of 6 to 8 pounds, but 10-pound density is also available and gaining in popularity. Some folks prefer the 6-pound density padding because it is slightly softer underfoot. However, an 8-pound padding provides better support for your carpet.

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What is the best pound carpet pad?


The weight is usually measured in pounds per cubic foot, and most carpet pads fall in between the 3-10 lb. measurement. For the best bang for your buck, we recommend at least a 6-lb. pad for a residential carpet.

Is 6lb padding good?

6-pound padding is usually dense enough for use with most residential carpet and falls within most carpet manufacturers’ warranty guidelines. More homeowners prefer the 6-pound pad overall because they like their carpet to feel softer and cushy underfoot.

Is 8lb padding good?

“Regardless of thickness, an 8-pound pad is always better than a 6-pound pad,” says Hoppe, who’s been doing this for 18 years. “If the pad is thick but not dense, the carpet will flex too much underfoot and break down faster.”

Is thick carpet padding better?

That’s not the case with carpet padding, however, as a thicker pad may actually do more harm than good. If you choose low-pile carpeting in your home like a looped Berber, it’s recommended to go with carpet padding that’s no thicker than 3/8”, but want to stay under a ½” in general regardless of the style.

Is Upgraded carpet padding worth it?

Carpet padding is always the best money you can spend in a carpet store! Put it this way, if you were to spend $3 more per yard on carpet, you may or may not be able to tell the difference. However, take that same $3 and spend it on an upgraded pad and it will make all the difference in the world.

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Do I need a moisture barrier under carpet?

Keep Spills From Doing More Damage

Even if you have a concrete floor under your carpet, as in the case of a finished basement, you should still install a moisture barrier under the carpet. Liquid spills can do more damage to concrete than you might think, and can even erode concrete or cement board over time.

How long does carpet padding last?

Depending on the material, carpet padding can last up to 25 years. Although, the most popular foam-based carpet padding only lasts around 10 years. Over time, and especially in high-traffic areas, your padding can degrade and become misshapen and dirty, just like the carpet above it.

What’s more important carpet or pad?

But truthfully, the pad is just as important as the carpeting — if not more — when you want to extend the life of your carpet. Padding gives you more than just a cushion beneath your carpet, it also adds to the sound and insulating qualities of the floor.

What is the softest carpet padding?

Just like a memory foam mattress, it is incredibly soft and comfortable. A memory foam carpet pad will make each step just as soft. Comfort: Memory foam carpet pads are the softest and most comfortable on the market.

How often should you change carpet padding?

In general, it’s a good idea to replace your carpet pad once every five years. If you let it go longer than this, you’re going to be more likely to need costly repairs. You might also be more prone to some of the issues mentioned above, such as mold growth or carpet lumps.

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How thick is 8lb carpet padding?

1/2” thick

Masterbond – 8 lb density and 1/2” thick. This padding may not come with a moisture barrier or Pet Urine Protection (PUP), but it adds that extra comfort for your feet.

Is memory foam carpet padding worth it?

Memory foam pads are extremely comfortable to walk on, making them a good choice for families with toddlers or people who suffer from bad joints. Memory foam carpet padding is more comfortable than rebond, but is generally less durable and won’t last as long.

Is rubber carpet padding better?

But they also protect your carpeting from daily wear-and-tear better than many man-made carpet pads. Additionally, rubber doesn’t off-gas, making your air quality better than what some carpet pads do. This is a major problem with many other carpets, because they tend to give off vapors that are harmful to humans.

What is rebond carpet pad?

Rebond Padding is the most popular type of carpet padding sold today. It is made from scraps of the high-density foams used in furniture making that are bonded together. Rebond padding comes in various thicknesses and densities.