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It is a re-telling of the story of Martin Guerre, but set in the 1980s, during the Indonesian occupation of Timor Leste. It stars Irim Tolentino, who co-wrote the script with the director, Bety Reis.

Where does The Return of Martin Guerre take place?

The time is 16th century. Place: Artigat; a small village in Languedoc, just south of modern-day Toulouse. Martin Guerre is the son of a peasant family who migrated to France from Spain’s Basque region. Martin marries Bertrande.

Was Martin Guerre a true story?

Martin Guerre lived in the south western Pyrenean village of Artigat, in France. After disappearing for eight years he returned to his family, but was later tried for being an imposter. The trial left many questions unanswered.

Is The Return of Martin Guerre accurate?

The movie was pretty accurate — although southern France became the American South after the Civil War. The historical Arnaud was denounced by Martin’s uncle, but not until Arnaud tried to take control of Martin’s inheritance. The uncle put pressure on Bertrande to accuse Arnaud of deceiving her.

Is Martin Guerre an imposter?

Several years after Martin Guerre had left his wife, child and village, a man claiming to be him appeared. He lived with Guerre’s wife and son for three years. The false Martin Guerre was eventually suspected of the impersonation. He was tried, discovered to be a man named Arnaud du Tilh and executed.

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How many kids does bertrande?

two children

Bertrande gave birth to two children, with one daughter surviving. But these peaceful times were soon shattered. The ‘new’ Martin claimed the inheritance of his father who had died some years ago; this assertion came against Pierre Guerre, the uncle of Martin Guerre, who had married Bertrande’s mother.

Why is The Return of Martin Guerre so popular?

The Return of Martin Guerre is most notable because of its place of prominence in the canon of microhistory. Zemon Davis’s focused work allows for a more intimate description of village life and allows readers to envision themselves in the position of Guerre, Bertrande, and du Tilh.

What is Martin Guerre?

Loosely based on the real-life historical figure Martin Guerre and the 1982 film The Return of Martin Guerre he inspired, the story is set in early modern France in the anti-Protestant town of Artigat, where young Martin Guerre is forced into an arranged marriage with Bertrande de Rols in order to produce a Catholic

What did Martin Guerre steal?

” The day before Martin vanished, his father had accused him of stealing and selling several sacks of family grain. Eight years later, after his parents had died, Martin Guerre returned to Artigat to reclaim his wife and property.

Why did people believe Pansette was Martin Guerre?

Because there was no handwriting on record to be compared; because the villagers had no way of comparing this and that visage; and because, in their heart of hearts, many of them wanted to believe him – because of all this, Pansette was accepted into this community as Martin Guerre.

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What kind of name did Martin and Bertrande give their first child?

There is a sexual problem in the marriage, Martin’s impotence, but after getting some help to “take away an evil spell” from a mysterious old woman, Bertrande becomes pregnant after eight years of marriage and has a son named Sanxi.