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Shanghai, ChinaShanghai, China, during the onset of Chairman Mao Ze-dong’s Cultural Revolution.”

Where did Red Scarf Girl live?

Shanghai, China

Ji-li Jiang (Jiang Ji-li) (born February 2, 1954) is a Chinese author. She is most famous for the memoir, Red Scarf Girl, as well as The Magical Monkey King. She grew up and lived in Shanghai, China in a large apartment with her family.

Where did the Cultural Revolution take place?

The Cultural Revolution, formally known as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, was a sociopolitical movement in China from 1966 until Mao Zedong’s death in 1976.

Is Red Scarf Girl based on a true story?

Moving, honest, and deeply personal, Red Scarf Girl is the incredible true story of one girl’s courage and determination during one of the most terrifying eras of the twentieth century.

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What is the historical context of Red Scarf Girl?

Red Scarf Girl is a historical memoir written by Ji-li Jiang about her experiences during the Cultural Revolution of China, with a foreword by David Henry Hwang. Ji-li Jiang was very important in her classroom and was respected until 1966 when the Cultural Revolution started.

What was Red China?

Red China may refer to: Communist-controlled China (1927–49), territories held during the Chinese Civil War. People’s Republic of China. China during the Cultural Revolution.

How did Mao Zedong Change China?

In 1958, he launched the Great Leap Forward that aimed to rapidly transform China’s economy from agrarian to industrial, which led to the deadliest famine in history and the deaths of 15–55 million people between 1958 and 1962.

What happened to Ji-li Jiang family?

Ji-li Jiang now lives in the San Francisco Bay area, which she considers home. Her father, whose stage name is Henry O , still appears in various films and her mother live next door to her so they can see each other every day.

Why was song Po Po fired?

Why do Ji-Li’s parents fire Song Po-po? She was bad at her job. She was a rightist. They did not want to be accused of exploiting her.

Why do the Red Guards search the Jiang home?

Why did the Red Guards search the apartment of Jiang Ji Li’s family? The Red Guards searched the apartment of Jiang Ji Li’s family to see if they had any “Four Olds,” or illegal things. They also found a picture of their family and a knife next to it in the trash can; which made them suspicious.

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What happens in the end of Red Scarf Girl?

In the epilogue, Ji-li tells us that things were bad for a while. It’s thirty years later at this point, though, and her family is finally happy; they live in America now. Her dad got released from prison, but not for a while, and nothing can bring those years back.

Who is Bai Shan in Red Scarf Girl?

Red Scarf Girl Review–Terms and Characters

Bai Shan boy who tries to help Ji-li in the fields
Aunt Jiang Xi-wen woman who faces humiliation from Ji-li and her classmates
“Six Fingers” man who leads house raids
dazibao derogatory posters meant to humiliate people

What were the Red Guards trying to find when they searched through houses Red scarf girl?

What were the Red guards trying to find when they searched through houses? What does “the sound of drums and gongs” represent? They were looking for four olds that they wanted destroyed. It symbolized a new “inspection” about to take place.

Where did Ji-li hide the letter?

the cat’s litter box

Ji-li’s mom tells her to hide the letter somewhere the guards won’t find it, so she rushes up to the roof and puts it in the cat’s litter box. As soon as she makes it back downstairs, the guards are there.

What action caused Ji-li to almost change her name?

Why does Ji-li want to change her name and what makes her change her mind? Ji-li wants to get rid of the Landlord last name “Jiang”, in order to clear up her social status. She changes her mind when she realizes she will have to split from her family and her parents.

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What problem does Ji-li’s father face Why?

The problem that Ji-Li’s father faces is that he committed some serious mistakes during the Anti rightist Movement many years ago, I can state this information because in paragraph 5 it states that “In addition to coming from a landlord family, your father committed some serious mistakes during the Anti rightist …

What does a Red Guard mean?

Definition of Red Guard

: a member of a paramilitary youth organization in China in the 1960s.