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Where is Oscar De La Hoya parents from?

His parents emigrated from Mexico to the United States prior to his birth. He was born in East Los Angeles, California into a boxing family; his grandfather, Vicente, was an amateur fighter during the 1940s, and his father, Joel Sr., had been a professional boxer during the 1960s.

Is Oscar De La Hoya Mexican?

Born on February 4, 1973, in Montebello, Los Angeles, California, Oscar De La Hoya’s parents moved to the United States from Mexico before he was born. Boxing was a common thread in De La Hoya’s family. His grandfather was an amateur fighter in the 1940s, and his father boxed professionally in the 1960s.

What country does Oscar De La Hoya represent?


Mexican-American fighter Oscar De La Hoya won the lightweight gold medal at the 1992 Olympics.

Is Oscar De La Hoya from Durango Mexico?

“Nobody gave us anything.” Though it took nearly two decades for them to meet, Diego and Oscar De La Hoya share a paternal grandfather, Vincente De La Hoya, who was born in Durango, a mid-sized city in central Mexico. Vincente was the first boxer in the family, and began fighting as a lightweight in the 1940s.

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Does Oscar De La Hoya speak Spanish?

Now, De La Hoya firmly upholds that speaking Spanish and English helped him grow inside and outside of the ring.

Which American boxer of Mexican descent was a US Olympic gold medalist?

Oscar De La Hoya

Place of birth: East Los Angeles, California, U.S. Oscar De La Hoya (born February 4, 1973) is a unretired American professional boxer of Mexican descent. Nicknamed “The Golden Boy,” De La Hoya won a gold medal at the Barcelona Olympic Games shortly after graduating from James A. Garfield High School.

Who has Oscar De La Hoya lost to?

Boxing career of Oscar De La Hoya

A significant percentage (66.7%) of Hoya’s wins came via stoppage. He had 6 loses, 2 of which were via stoppage. Hoya’s last fight was a non-title bout against Manny Pacquiao on Dec 6, 2008. He lost the fight via 8th round RTD.

What year did Mayweather fight De La Hoya?

Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Date May 5, 2007
Venue MGM Grand Garden Arena, Paradise, Nevada, United States
Title(s) on the line WBC super welterweight title
Tale of the tape

When was Oscar De La Hoya born?

Early Life. De La Hoya was born on February 4, 1973, in Los Angeles, California. His parents were from Mexico, where his father and grandfather were competitive boxers. De La Hoya began training to box when he was six years old.

How old was De La Hoya when he fought Pacquiao?

Pacquiao was a master, strafing De La Hoya with brutal straight lefts all night. His speed was impressive against the statue-like De La Hoya, the 35-year-old Golden Boy whose pretty face was bruised and battered when the carnage was over.

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Is Oscar De La Hoya still married?

After 15 years of marriage, Oscar and Millie split in 2016, but they continued to make public appearances together through 2020. The pair posed lovingly at the 2019 American Icon Awards at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on May 19, 2019, looking every inch like a couple.

What was Oscar De La Hoya’s nickname?

Boxing’s “Golden Boy” — a nickname given to him after he was the only U.S. boxer to take home a gold medal at the 1992 Olympics — doesn’t shy away from opponents or photo opportunities. Oscar De La Hoya has won titles in six weight classes.

How rich is Canelo?

As of 2022, Saul Alvarez’s net worth is roughly $140 million.