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Theresa Roemer has the biggest closet in America—its 3,000 square feet.

Who has the largest wardrobe in the world?

The largest wardrobe measures 6.06 metres (19 ft 10 in) high, 4.07 metres (13 ft 4 in) wide and 1.5 metres (4 ft 11 in) deep. It has 2 doors and was created by Jan Bilý (Czech Republic) and his company Art-Style and was presented and measured in Prague, Czech Republic, on .

Who owns the house with the biggest closet?

star Teresa Roemer

A Texas home often described as having the largest closet in America just found a buyer after nearly six years on and off the market. The house, located at 47 Grand Regency Circle in The Woodlands, belonged to socialite and “Real Housewives of Houston” star Teresa Roemer.

How big is the biggest closet in the world?

3,000 square-foot

‘ ” So that’s what she did – but make no mistake, this closet wasn’t built in vain. The 3,000 square-foot, three-story palatial space cost $500,000 to construct. Dubbed the “world’s biggest closet” by entities around the globe, Theresa uses the space to give back in major ways.

Who bought Theresa Roemer’s house?

Nancy Almodovar of Nan and Company Properties CHRISTIE’S International Real Estate found the buyer for the home at 47 Grand Regency, the mansion with the 3,000 square foot closet.

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Who has the best wardrobe in the world?

Theresa Roemer had her 3,000 square foot wardrobe built for around $500,000 because, apparently, there are people in the world who can actually fill a 3,000 square foot wardrobe. We can only dream. This wardrobe doesn’t only house her clothes, though.

Who owns the biggest closet in America?

Theresa Roemer

Imagine a 3,000 square foot, three-story fantasy closet set up in your home? Well, meet Theresa Roemer, a Houston, Texas based entrepreneur and philanthropist who is the owner of the biggest closet in America.

How much did Theresa Roemer sell her house?


The 17,380-square-foot Carlton Woods home of Theresa and Lamar Roemer has gone on hte market for $6,495,000.

Where does Theresa Roemer live now?

Theresa, who was born on a ranch in Nebraska, wasn’t always living the lavish life. She has had to overcome the death of her son, brother, divorce and so much more. Her Texas mansion is located at 47 Grand Regency Circle, in the Carlton Woods community in The Woodlands.

Who is Theresa Roemer Wiki?

Theresa Roemer is an American Entrepreneur, Fitness Instructor, Social Media Influencer, Author, Former Bodybuilder, Radio Host, Speaker, Youtuber, and Philanthropist. She is famously known for her closet “she-cave”. “She-cave” is entitled to the world’s largest closet.