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Paige Adams-GellerPaige Adams-Geller, founder and creative director of PAIGE. Her entrepreneurial spirit took her from working as one of the top denim fit models in the industry to launching her namesake collection in 2004.

Is PAIGE an American brand?

Born and raised in Los Angeles, PAIGE is a California lifestyle collection for men and women. Over the years, PAIGE has evolved into a prominent fashion house offering seasonal favorites and wardrobe staples that reflect our commitment to cutting edge design and attention to every last detail.

Who is PAIGE Adams?

Paige Adams-Geller. Adams-Geller is creative director of the eponymous fashion company she cofounded in 2004. The former model started the company after realizing that most denim companies were owned and run by men. She now employs about 300 people and has 15 stores and an e-commerce site.

Is PAIGE a good brand?

Are PAIGE jeans good quality? Yes, PAIGE jeans are good quality. Many of their jeans are made with high percentages of technical fabric, which is comfortable, stretchy, and durable.

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Who is the designer for PAIGE jeans?

What I Wear to Work: Paige Adams-Geller, Founder and Creative Director of PAIGE. No surprise, jeans are her office uniform.

Where is Paige brand from?

Los Angeles

Los Angeles-based Paige was founded as a women’s denim brand in 2004 by creative director Paige Adams-Geller. In late 2006, Adams-Geller launched a men’s line. Paige womenswear launched in the UK in 2012, and was followed by menswear in 2015.

What is the meaning of Paige?

Assistant, Helper

Meaning. Assistant, Helper. Paige is a gender neutral given name. It is of Latin origin from Byzantine “Págius” (young helper / mate of young nobles), derived from the Greek “Paidion” (child). A page in medieval households was usually a young boy whose service was the first step in his training as a knight.

What are PAIGE jeans made of?

The make-up of PAIGE jeans will depend on the style you’ve chosen (skinnies have more stretchy elastane than a structured straight leg), but you can expect to find cotton, rayon, polyester and Spandex in the mix for most styles.

How many PAIGE stores are there?

PAIGE – stores located in California

Area: California
PAIGE locations in California total: 2 stores and outlets in database
Official PAIGE website (stores and outlets online):

What size is a 28 in PAIGE jeans?

Jeans, Pants and Shorts – Numeric Sizes

Size Waist Hips
27 27 37
28 28 38
29 29 39
30 30 40

Where are PAIGE clothes made?

As for their manufacturing policy, PAIGE claims to “only partner with the best wash-houses in the country, which happen to be in our hometown of Los Angeles. Every style we create is wear-tested, and tested again.”

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Can you wash PAIGE jeans?

PAIGE recommends machine washing your jeans inside out on a cold, gentle cycle. Deeper shades like black and indigo can be easily transferred on to other garments (especially if they’re new), so keep darks and lights separate to stay on the safe side.

How can you tell Paige jeans?

Paige Jeans is a pretty straightforward brand and their denim tends to be pretty dependably the same cut and fit. The tell tale sign of Paige Denim is the hash marks on the back left pocket. Also, many of their standard jeans have a small, two by two inch hidden pocket in the back right pocket.

Will Paige jeans shrink?

There are brands out there that make jeans which are designed to never stretch out, and this is true! PAIGE TRANSCEND – This is one fabric blend that has a multi way stretch to it so that it always shrinks back, without losing its shape or stretch.

Do Paige transcend jeans stretch out?

I originally purchased a size 25 at Nordstroms and originally it felt super tight but they do stretch out to the perfect size. No bagging, super comfortable and as long as you wash them the correct way, will last for a long time. They are the ultimate skinny jean.

Does frame denim run big?

They do run large, I got size 25 could’ve gone with a 24, still they are very comfortable everyday jeans. I sized up from my usual jean size due to the light color – I intend to have them not as tight as for my darker color jeans. The size I ordered worked well so I’d say these jeans are made true to size.

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Where is 7 for all mankind made?

7 For All Mankind (often referred to simply as 7FAM) is an American denim brand founded by Michael Glasser, Peter Koral, and Jerome Dahan in 2000 and headquartered in Vernon, California. It was purchased by the VF Corporation in 2007 and sold to Delta Galil Industries in 2016.