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Is Kanye egoistic?

Rapper Kanye West admits he used to be egoistic in the past and feels if he can drop the sense of self-conceit, it will not be a big deal for anyone else to follow suit.

How arrogant is Kanye West?

His arrogance completely over-runs him as a musician. He’s so audacious and opulent,” he said. “It shows the worst of people who have loads of money. Massive weddings, opulent engagements.

Is Kanye West a selfish person?

“I’m the number one artist in the world right now. I’m the number one human being in music.” Kanye West made that declaration in 2007, and seven years later he probably thinks he was selling himself short. Next to West’s ocean-wide narcissism, every other pop celebrity is just a two-bit egocentric.

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